Annyeong!! Konnichiwa !! ^^

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Ey minna!~ This is CHIME posting here again~ 


It's been a long time since I actually posted something here and you know what...

I wasn't able to post anything here anymore because I was too busy updating my blog  :[
and I was also busy with my review in UPCAT and in our G12 but of course, GOD is always first and HE should be our no. 1 priority, not family, not friends, and especially not HSJ (no offense but I'm telling the truth). I've also been to the KPop world for a while but I'm trying to go back to JPop as well XD

Anyway, I just wanna remind you guys something, don't  judge a persoon yet if you don't even know anything about him or her. Remember, 'don't judge or the judge will judge you' I also remind myself about this because I used too judge people but now, I'm doing my best to not judge them immediately. I'm learning to observe first what his/her true attitude is and also, don't look down on others or for those who can't understand HUWAG NIYONG MALIITIN ANG IBANG TAO. We don't know that they might be better at something than you, each and every one of us have different talents given by God. If we're good at this and not at that, we just have to accept it.We can't do anything 'cause we're just human beings...

--by the way, this is my opinion so you don't have to take it personally.If you guys are guilty of this, then you got hit by this message. I'm just saying this because I don't want to create war since I'm a new person, I'm just releasing what I feel...