HSJ fanclub booklet 2 Inoo kei

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credits to: http://kurosaki91.livejournal.com/

What’s your hobby?
Walking my dogs.

What are your special traits?
I can be friendly to anyone.
What’s your fav food?

Fav sports

Fav colour

Fav number

What's the pet that you own and what's it's name?
Dog, miniature schnauzer

What’s your charm point?

What are you bad at?
Jet coaster. (T.T)

The scariest thing?

The person you respect most?
G-chan(note:he means his granddad,jichan.) WTHH.G-chan is wad my sensei call me for short form.I’M NOT A PAPPY

What are your good and bad points?
Good points – cheerful. Badpoints-troublesome-ish

Careless habits?
ケンケンパ kenkenpa. some sort of hopscotch. (A bit no link. If i'm wrong pls tell me)

What do you do daily?
Brushing my teeth.

What’s the ideal way to spend a day off/holiday?
Going out with my family

How did you spend your recent day off/holiday?

What can you boast about your room?
My bed is really fluffly.(T.T*future spokesperson for kingkoil?HAHA)

What are you into right now?
Conversing with daichan on the phone.(ahh,just when hikaru is paying more attention to u. tsk tsk.FLIRT!)

What is the recent fashion item you’ve bought?

Way to de-stress?

Which country is your ideal travel destination?And what’s the reason?
Australia. In high school, I had a homestay there with a family, I want to travel there. Nick(I think the family’s kid name), I wonder if you are well…?

Recent dream, what kind of a dream was it?
The sky turn really red kind of dream.

What’s the place that you feel the most relieved?
The bath.

What makes you feel blissful?
When my dogs greet me when I get home.

What floats into your head when you talk about Spring?

Right now, is there anything that you would like to study or is there something you would like to learn?
I'm full with studies at the university right now(laughs)

What is the thing you would like to challenge?
Sky diving.(Hello,you are afraid of roller coasters?)

Recently, what touched your heart?

What are the good points about JUMP?
We get along well.

What’s the weakness of JUMP or what would they want to improve from now on?

What JUMP song has been stuck in your head,or what phrase have you been mumbling recently?
心・技・体 (Shin Gi Tai)

The spring concert tour, do it with enthusiasm!
Meeting everyone is fun!!Let’s get excited together!!<3