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3 years and while saying, more than that he had live each day to the fullest.
The thought of not wearing his school uniform with sleeves is lonely.
He said that from now on, he will challenge different things and he hope to skill-up himself...

I luv this for Myojo May issue the most!!!

Finally I  have graduated! I really thank the members, fans, staffs, my family and friends who have given me support in these three years. The graduation ceromony fianlly came. But when I recieved the graduation ceertificate from my teacher, I was kinda happy. I became smiling with a large smile. (laugh) High School Life was really fun. The most memorable was the cultural festival dring my third year.
Yuto: Dai-chan, congrats on graduating.  I feel lonely thinking that I will not see Dai-chan in your uniform. Sometime you should wear it n let me see!!
Keito: Congrats on gradutaing. It was tired for you to balance between work n sch. I had saw you studying very hard before the exams. You r not a student anymore. I can't imaging you not wearing school uniform. Dai-chan looks cute wearing the uniform.
Yuya: Congrats on graduating from middle school. Eh, it was high sch? Sor-ry. Since the past, the atmosphere had not change so i made a mistake(laughs). Although saying this, I think it is fascinating.
Chii: Dai-chan, congrats on graduating. Even thou u r my senior in sch, because during work we r from the same, so do take take care of me.
Hika: Dai-chan, congrats on graduating.  Because in the society there r stormy waves,  there is mentally or physically drill, so please become a great samurai.
Inoo: Congrats on graduating. Since there is a little more time, why not try n train your body? I want to see a macho Dai-chan. Then hugs him (laughs).
Ryuu: You have graduated n well (laughs). After sch, go n try growing tall! It seems that I am saying scary things,I have become a small ojisan!!
Yama-chan: Congrats on graduating!! It has only been a year that we had travlled to to same sch, I have seen a lot, it was a very fun period. From now on, even thought the back is small, do go n be someone who is tolerent!!
Yabu: Finally Dai-chan also graduated. From now on, do work hard to aim to be like me! this (laughs)

To tell the truth, till middle sch, going to sch was troublesome, there was also days that r not fun. After going to high sch, it really changes. School became fun. This sure is because thanks to my friends n seniors. When I enter the school, Yabu n Hika were there as seniors. When we meet at the corridors, they said " Yo, Dai-chan!" it was heartening. To add on, my class is a class where those who work in the entertainment industry are grouped together, There are only 6 guys so our unity strength is strong. Like studying and compability, we can be frank about each other troubles. I think that this is good. With such friends and juniors like Chii n Yama-chan, to dance together during the last cutural festival, i think high school life is the best. It is really sad that i must graduate soon (report collected befor graduation ceromony). The time that i spend with my school friends is really precious. I hope that we can make a lot of memories of playing together. Also like getting driving license, writing songs, I have thought of trying these after graduating.  I think that till the end, it is good to move forward.

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His round eyes are his charm points
Daichan’s appearance, compared to the youngest of the group, ryutaro’s, they are evenly match, they have the same kiddy feel.(laugh) Because I used to have a baby face, from here on I’ve always think that it will change. 30 years later I’ll be a ojisan but, if you see me, I wonder if you’d think of me as “Age unknown” kind of person(cause of his babyface.But I don’t think I’ve ever seen an uncle with a babyface. Peh who cares~You’ll be married to me by then.HAHA). After that, the fringe’s side parting’s condition, has that action story kind of feeling ne. And then, the little animal, has round eyes that seems to draws me in♥ Actually, I'm not sure the babyface part is talking about daichan or kei.
Together, it’s always fun with this person.
Tomorrow’s weather will be good ne!! I’ve never really seen/went to Daichan's con.(Have no idea what this is also)  Considerly, as a prank, we put like around 30 packets of soy sauce all around in daichan’s bag. As expected of something so bad,when you reach home and notice the ruptured bags,that's what I thought.However even at that kind of time I like the Dai-chan who laughs and forgives me. OMG I WANNA BULLY DAICHAN TOO


A cute shirt like my favourite pet. When daichan had his graduation ceremony, he cried ne, it sounds like a lie though (laugh). The next day, I sent him a mail, [Congratulations on your graduation!], it’s the recent fashion. Also, this seems to be the type of character that he likes.A shirt with a cute print, __(Cant see this part) and after that, recently, daichan seem to get along well with keito ne, I'm kind of jealous ne, I’m tempted to want it too yo!(so apparently this is the only part I can't see, if i'm not wrong i think he means that daichan or keito has the same cute shirt and he wants it too)

To inoo-chan:
This significance, exceed my expections.(talking about the picture he drew)
My previous hairstyle is sideways?(I think he meant the parting/fringe). This is the first time I’m seeing this, I think it’s because of the hat. (laugh). Because I know your artistic inclinations, I was looking forward to it but, I received a laughter that’s higher then my expectations. From here on, please take care(yoroshiku) of me more ne. (laugh)
From Daiki
Inoo kei Recent life report~
I went with my friend to watch a 3D movie! It was really awesome! 3D is really sugoi yo! You really see things like it appears infront of you, that’s what I thought so I actually reach out my hands to touch it(laugh). Well , I won’t say this is bimbotic because I’m sure everyone tried that before.