Hey!say!JUMP calender questions

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SO i was reading thought he calender and there some interesting things about HSJ... and i noticed non of the translators posted them up....So im guessing its free!!!!(if there is translations please tell me.

Ideal way to spend your Birthday?
Keito: Because it is April's fools, even if i celebrate it i feel i have been cheated.(weak laugh)
Ryutaro: Better than going to a restaurant, i would like my mom to make the food.
Daiki: When i go into the room and everyone is in it... A surprise party!
Yamada: Classic, comes out with a cake and say "Happy birthday", i want to celebrate it with Friend and family.
Inoo: I want to spend it with the important person, last year i got an "egg over rice" cookbook from Yabu-kun
Yuto:Last year i celebrated on the concert stage with everyone, i was very happy!
Chinen: 16th birthday, there were alot of people. I want the 17th given the same way.
Hikaru: Last year, Keito gave me a present from an artist we both like.
Yabu: 20th birthday will be during the stage play, it will be an anniversary that i will never forget.
Takaki:Call up all my friend and have fun, and wait till the age of 20 to drink alcohol.

At night, what do you do before you sleep?
Chinen: I will eat dinner then sleep. I cant stay up late. I will record Arashi's TV shows.
Daiki: After i take a bath, i will put slippers on so my feet dont get cold.
Yabu: After the bath, nothing but games! Then spend time in my bro's room.
Hikaru: I will watch Western DVDs. Because i love them, and i dont fall asleep during the middle of them.
Keito: Drink milk. It says the growing hormones work at night. Then i listen to sound CDs then good night.
Inoo: I get phone calls from Yabu at night ("The one to call me is you"Yabu)
Yuto: Play the guitar, i even fall asleep pressing the cords and stuff...
Ryutaro: Listen to Canon, Modern or Classical music. It relaxes me.
Takaki: I will flal asleep while reading a book or Manga. Last night i just finished "Detective conan".
Yamada: While i take a shower im suppose to reflect on the day but i fall asleep alot.

What country do you want to go to, and why?
Yuto: I want to see the yellow cabs line in rows in New York.
Takaki: One Journey to Korea by myself first. Next would like to go to New york and Grand Canyon. (Nana's note: im to tired to freak out about some things but this i have to say.... grand Canyon is in my state Takaki place come to Phoenix and let me stalk you...")
Inoo: Europe, i want to see the historical, big buildings.
Hikaru: Somewhere i can Scuba Dive in the beautiful sea. Maybe Palau?
Yabu: I love soccer so a Europe country. I want to see the world strongest team in the Les peru.
Keito: i want to relax in the warmth. So maybe Tahiti or maybe Paris... I really hope Okinawa.
Chinen: I want the first over seas trip to be in Hawaii! But because im in school I cant go over now.
Yamada: I want to go with my family to Okinawa! For about 6 years we havent gone together somewhere so a place overseas but close is good.
Daiki: Las Vegas! I want to see a live show. The members would be jealous.
Ryutaro: I think i can snowboard, so i want to go to a place where it is snowing.

When you wake up, what is the first thing you do?
Daiki: The pleasant feeling of stretching my waist! Then after then check my bedhead and fix it.
Hikaru: After i will eat breakfast, from the night i'm energetic. I have to have miso soup.
Yamada: I'm weak in the morning. "ohh" and for the first 2, 3 seconds i will try to wake up(open my eyes).
Inoo: First i will wash my face, then i will eat the breakfast my mother prepared!
Keito: Take a look at my bed head then wet it down and gradually wake up.
Takaki: Sit in bed for about 5 minutes then go feed my pet fugu(Puffer) fish.
Chinen: First Take a shower, then do my hair~, little bit after i set (my hair) i will go the breakfast.
Ryutaro: Take a morning bath, go to school to eat breakfast half-hearted. There only sausages, and stuff like that.
Yuto: The alarm on my phone goes off. Its a song from Nirvana to wake me up, its a rock song.
Yabu: Pizza sauce and Cheese, Veggies, and normal break face items.

When you are in a good mood what do you do?
Takaki: Go Bowling with my friends. After, go karaoke. Singing in a loud voice relaxes me.
Yabu: My friends and the adult Yabu will hang out. BBQ, soccer, drive and other things.
Inoo: I eat when I'm happy. Eating hotpots are the best! Kimchi, Mizutake(cooked in water),Sukiyaki....
Daiki: When im not in a good mood i do nothing (Laugh) I like to hear other members stories, Yamada's are long.
Ryutaro: I consult with the members. I would get advice from Takaki-kun or Yabu-kun.
Keito:Dinner would be little expensive. We would go to a family restaurant and have beef tongue. Oh and cold noodle are good.
Hikaru:To listen to my favorite artist and then eat dinner with someone.
Yuto:I rather get fired up hitting the drums! I diffidently would get energetic from rock!
Yamada: Laugh out loud! When i'm with the members when someone is embarassed they laugh.
Chinen: When im not energetic i say to myself "Be energetic" then i become entergetic.