First half of JUMP2010 con 2nd april 2010 report! part 1

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First half of JUMP2010 con 2nd april 2010 report! part 1
This a very brief con report of the first haru con of 2010
part 1

Brief description of the set and moving stages:The theme is Toys, The set is very colourful as always and the main screen`s border is a big LED teddy bear.
Many big toy box stages and LEGO moving platforms and 2 big trains which is 2 storeys high that go through the
middle part of the audience and stage.

Well at the start JUMP is sleeping around the stage wearing pajamas and have pillows and blankets.
Each member says a comment one at a time, about their dream and go back to sleep.
Then they start getting up and go around the set of the stage.
They start the concert off by singing Dreams Come True! and sing while going around the stage and going on the moving stages.
Continuing with Tobira no Mukou they went aroung the stage and then near the end of the song they gathered at the main stage.
They started singing Hitomi no Screeen then Endless Dreams.
Then they had a mini dance solo each and they each started by playng with a toy then going into their mini solo dance.
The Hey!Say!7 sang a new song S.O.S then sang Kagayaki Days which started with 7 holding fruit pillows and then going into the dance and song with the Jrs.
Then on the other big stage BEST were linded up wearing school uniforms and round glasses.
7 on the other stage are like saying that BEST looks really geeky, then they start singing School Days and 7 puts on the glasses as well.
BEST and 7 get into pairs and and stand around the walkway stage and start dancing cutely and start holding hands and stuff.
Then BEST sings Su.Ri.Ru and during half the song they go into a dance and then back into the song.
Then 7 does a mysterious dance in which they use sticks to make loud sounds on a giant toy robot.
JUMP gathers to main stage and sing Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and near the end of the song they go to the middle stage and start to sing their next song. The next song they sang was Star Time, aafter they sang school kakumei and went around the walkway stage and Yamada,Arioka,Chinen and Yuto went on the moving stage on the top where the top seats are and started giving out sign balls. Then they started singing FLY then went into the MC.
During the MC they said that they are really happy to be performing at Yoyogi and being able to perform here like their sempais. Then they talked about Keito and his birthday and what he got for his birthday. He got a slice of cake from Daiki and got a phone call exactly at 12:00 on his birthday from yuto. They started talking about Daiki`s graduation and then he confessed to the members and the audience that he dyed and permed his hair. The other members were like we were expecting daiki to dye and perm his hair and then talked about ryutaro becoming 15 and his height becoming taller and was comparing with daiki and yamada. Then JUMP was like isnt Daiki turinig 15 and they were teasing him of being 15 when he is actually turning 19 and said that he looks young for his age. Then Morimoto Shintaro came and said he is going into jr high school and then JUMP said that daiki`s 12 yrs old and kept making fun of his age and height. Then chinen made bad jokes and Hikaru was like you took my job of saying bad jokes, im gonna go jobless to Chinen.They talked about B.I.Shadow and Hikaru talking about their height be

ing really high because they were born in the heisei period and then everyone else was like we are all born in the heisei period , hikaru. and thats all that I can remember for now from the MC....

well thats the first half done
need to get my memory back again
cuz i hav a really bad memoryy