HSJ Fan Club Booklet vol. 2: Yuto Nakajima

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credits to: http://happy-chammy.livejournal.com/

  Nakajima Yuto

 What is your hobby?Movie appreciation, horseback riding, photos
What are your special skills?Drumming, tap dance, moonwalk
What is your favorite food?
Basashi raw horse meat, gizzard, chanja, tebasaki chicken wing, rebasashi raw liver, senmai sashi raw beef stomachWhat is your favorite sport?Skiing
What is your favorite color?White
What is your favorite number?
Tell us what kind are your pets and their names.
Miniature daschund... Tamu, gecko... is at my house's garden, guppy, loach
What is your charm point?
My tear mole
What is the thing you don't like?
Shimeji type of mushroomWhat is the scariest thing?
Who is the person you greatly respect?Tackey
Tell us your personality's strong and weak points.Strong points ---> Cheerful, tall, always in high spirits
Weak points ---> Noisy, my expressions are reflected on my face immediately
What habit do you hold carelessly?
I chop the beats.
What do you for your daily routine?
I do a good deed each day.
What is your ideal way to spend your day off?
Horseback riding or drumming (<---I play drums even on weekdays)
What is the thing that you can boast about in your room?My electronic drums. I don't share a room with my little brother so it is also spacious.
What is your my boom, the thing you're into right now?
Horseback riding
What is the recent fashion item you have bought?
Cardigan, vest
When you are stressed, what do you do to resolve it?
I beat the drums with all my might
What is the country that you would like to go to? What is your reason?
Maldives... I want to swim there. Italy... because of the dry-cured ham. NY... I just want to go.
What was your recent dream about?A lot of Rototoms a type of drum that has no shell were lined up.
What is the best place to feel relieved?
The place that feels right is wherever.
What was that time when you felt happiness~
It was when I was eating green tea flavored sweets and Japanese sweets.
Speaking of spring, what do you think of?
Tsukushi or in English, horsetails (a type of plant)
For now, what is the thing that you would like to study and is there something you would like to learn?
Archery, English, Scuba
What is the thing you would like to try to challenge?
Making songs
Recently, what is the event that deeply touched you?
The movie "Oceans"
Please tell us a good thing about JUMP.We are always lively~
What is the weak point of JUMP and what is the part they like to strengthen from now on?
There are times we are sharp-tounged.
Recently, what song of JUMP do unintentionally hum or that refrains in you head?
Have ethusiasm for the spring concert tour!We might do a band again, so let's all have fun noisily!