YABUMOTO PAiR.the topic on their talk is ROMANCE . does yabu have a girlfriend?? :(

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Hey! Say! MAP
Meet All Partners

Combination 2
Kota Yabu x Ryutaro Morimoto

No.2 of HSJ's serialization, which started from last month! This month, the eldest, Yabu, & the youngest, Morimoto, will talk. Every month one team at a time will talk and a star mark will be placed on the theme map on the left. The pictures that they took of each other, a quiz proposed by the two themselves and the like, we'll give you these.♪

This month's emoji theme→

The combination for this conversation is marked with a ★ on the left.
(This month, Yabu & Morimoto's conversation→where "yabu" and "mori" intersect is marked with a ★!)

The announcement of this combi's name!!
This combi's name is a mix of the two names. 「Though we're 5 years apart, our mental ages are the same. (laugh)」 (Yabu)

A realization! The one who sent a love to Yabu on his birthday is...
Yabu When I see a mark, the image I get is naturally love ne. ♡
Morimoto Yes, teacher! (raises hand vigorously) Love, what's that?
Yabu That's a tough question ne... I guess love is the feeling for "someone you want to protect unconditionally," isn't it.
Morimoto Jaa, the one I love is my pet hamster! I always protect it from the cat, its natural enemy, and if there's an earthquake, I think I'll absolutely take it with me when I escape.
Yabu Yeah yeah, that sort of thing. I feel love for my mother. Because in the morning, no matter how bad my mood is, she still manages to wake me up.
Morimoto Me too, my mother wakes me up. I'm grateful for that, but when I see her face to face we bicker. Because she aaalways gets mad at the same things. Like "Please study!" and things like that sa-.
Yabu That's because you aaalways don't study, don't you?
Morimoto Maa, yeah but. (laugh) When I get angry and say, "I did what you said!" she'll immediately get pissed off.
Yabu Maa maa. (laugh) Even if you have arguments, the love of a tireless mother who gets angry is great!! I feel love from the members of JUMP too. ♡ Especially Inochan. On my birthday this year, at the moment the date changed I instantly received a "congratulations mail" from him.
Morimoto Eeeh? Inochan, he did that sort of thing?
Yabu What's more, in the long letter, it was touching. Of course, I immediately saved it! From Ryutaro, I didn't get anything, na?
Morimoto (in a small voice) Your birthday, when is it… ?
Yabu I won't tell you again (clearly)! I'm not loved by anyone!!
Morimoto That's not true! Me, I like Yabu. Because in concert rehearsals, he kindly teaches me things like my position in choreography.♪
Yabu Manners too. I taught you a lot, na?
Morimoto ...I don't remember.
Yabu Oi! Ryutaro, I haaate youuuu!!
Morimoto Why are you saying such a thiiiiing(yell)!?
Yabu It's a lie, a lie. (laugh) Maa, I didn't send Ryutaro a mail on his birthday too. In the first place, you, when's your birthday?
Morimoto April 6.
Yabu Huu-n. 4 and 6, so I'll remember "shou roku(primary school 6)" ♪ Ah, but you're in your first year of junior high school now, aren't you. I'll still remember! (laugh)
(shou roku = 小6. The kanji for the number four can also be read shou.)
The beginner at romance, Morimoto, gets advice from Yabu!?
Yabu Does Ryutaro have a person he likes?
Morimoto There isn't anyone!
Yabu I see-. But, junior high students these days have grown up, so it seems like there'll be many couples going out in school ne.
Morimoto Ah-, but I have a friend who has a girlfriend.
Yabu About that, are you jealous?
Morimoto I don't care na-. If I get involved with things like romance, it looks like I won't have time for studying.
Yabu You're serious! What kind of girl does Ryutaro like?
Morimoto Clumsy girls. I see them as cute rather than stupid. Hai(raises his hand once more)! If I met the ideal girl one day, how should I confess?
Yabu Me, I think saying it by phone is okay. By mail, you won't know the tension of the other person.
Morimoto Huu-n. Is confessing in person not good?
Yabu Of course, that can happen too. But for me, there's the awkward atmosphere, so facing someone is no good, so I do it by phone.
Morimoto Romance is difficult naa. One day, maybe I'll be able to fall in love too...
Yabu Jaa, when you have someone you like, you come tell me!
Morimoto Yes!
 ♥gui-chan :|

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