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Question 5: We have raised three questions about love to the members. Please try and guess each member’s answers. (5 points each/ 150 points total)

The type of girl that I like

A- Hair length should be semi-long, in either black or brown colour. Girls who wear shorts and sports shoes, and that they’ll go play with me seems to be not bad. But if I can comfort a girl when her feet feels painful from wearing high heels, this sort of feeling is nice too. (laughs)

B- Although it's the sister that would watch fashion events or TV specials, but being able to have different type of styles is a girl's privilege! A girl that is able to enjoy the different type of styles at that time isn't bad either. If it's more lady-like, I like those flowy type of skirts.

C- 'Fresh look' is the main point. If the clothes looks suitable on her, then it's okay already. But then, when it comes to hairstyle, I have my insistence. I like black hair ne. ... But this is also related to 'fresh look' ne. (laughs) And also, I like straightforward girls. This is really important!

D- In terms of dressing, I have no special demands. But the most important thing is to have a comfortable and refreshing look. Wearing a skirt while barefooted, definitely a no-no. My mum is good in cooking, so if she can make delicious dishes it would be good ne. It's the best if she can make sweet and sour shrimp for me.

E- When it comes to clothes, must be of the girlish type. A white full-piece dress is not bad too. That is, that's the types of dressing that we boys can't do. (laughs) Hairstyle would be black straight hair, being able to tie it up of length. I like the action of letting down the hair that has been tied up.

F- For me, the girl that I like would be the style I like at that time. If I were to say, I would prefer a more leisure, and yet able to bring out a girly side kind of style. For hairstyle, black, long hair is better ne!!

G- My clothes are of a rather plain colourm, so I hope that the girl would wear something that's plain too. A white T-shirt with a black long jacket. As for the bottom, it will be tight-fit jeans. If the shoes are full of colours, it will be the main point of fashion ne.☆

H- I like those sort of rock styles like a T-shirt with leather jacket. And also, a girl that has a rich knowledge for music and movies isn't too bad either. Maybe I would be attracted to a girl that looks at the computer, and looking up information about different places too. (laughs)

I- A girl that looks good with jeans. I like girls that wears flat shoes. No specific requirements as to the hairstyle, but if I have to mention one, that it would be black, medium-length hair. A clean, refreshing look is really important. But as compared to all of that, the most important thing is one's smile. I really like girls that have a cute smile.

J- I wear really simple clothing, so a girl with pants and casual clothing is good enough. Make-up has to be of a simple feel too. But, if her hair is of slightly brown, giving off an natural feel of fashionable, it's good too!

A- Arioka
B- Inoo
C- Morimoto
D- Nakajima
E- Okamoto
F- Takaki
G- Chinen
H- Yabu
I- Yamada
J- Yaotome