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Question 1: Please try and answer the questions that the members have raised about themselves. (10 points each/ 100 points total)

- Yabu: Which part of my body did I first wash when I took a bath last night?
Answer: Head

- Takaki: What’s my favourite food?
Answer: The hamburger that my mother makes.

- Arioka: Recommended by Takaki, what’s the food that I’ve started eating?
Answer: Natou roll.

- Inoo: Which KAT-TUN member did I dreamt of last night?
Answer: Nakamaru-kun

- Yaotome: What’s my favourite food in a ramen store?
Answer: Fried Rice

- Nakajima: I’ve started collecting sports shoes at the age of six. Up till now, how many pairs of sports shoes have I collected?
Answer: 35 pairs

- Okamoto: What time did I wake up this morning?
Answer: 11.30 am

- Yamada: At what did I go to sleep last night?
Answer: 12 am

- Chinen: What’s my reason for going Shizuoka yesterday?
Answer: Elementary school classmates gathering.

Question 2: Guess the age of the member when this photo is taken. (10 points each/ 100 points total)

Chinen, 10 years old.
Waahh, I looked really small. But now, I still have a really good stature. (laughs) When this picture was taken, I was still not really used to being in front of cameras yet. Because I’m not used to looking at the camera, I was looking at the piece of potato instead. (laughs)

Yamada, 12 years old.
It was before the filming of [Tantei Gakuen Q]. I don’t really notice it, but looking at it now, it seems that I’ve grown much. And to think that it’s just only 4 years… there’s good changes and bad changes ne. (laughs)

Nakajima, 11 years old.
It’s really nostalgic~! My hair is really short! And there’s a band-aid on my index finger too! My finger was injured because I was too rowdy in school. The period when I’m still a kid is the happiest time in my life.

Morimoto, 10 years old.
Really young, and really small too. Really cute- ! Since after, I’ve been growing taller in height. Because before that, I’m really short, and so I’ve been always thinking of growing taller. As compared to before, I got the feeling that I’m growing more into an adult now.

Okamoto, 14 years old.
First time having a shoot without clothes on, and I remembered that I was feeling really nervous at that time… and my hair was really short and loose. At that time, as compared to Yuto, I was the taller one. Actually, I’ve grown 10 cm too. I’m not really reconciled to that fact (as to how Yuto’s taller than him now).

Arioka Daiki, 14 years old.
There’s not much change (in terms of appearance), how uninteresting. (laughs) For this, there were lots of games and manga on the photoshoot location. At that time, I was too crazy about it that I kept playing. This picture of me looking at the camera is a miraculous one.

Takaki, 15 years old.
It’s really nostalgic. I was really happy, working at that time. And when the fans came to talk to me, I felt even happier. Though I could still remember a lot of different things, the feeling that I had that time is something that I wouldn’t want to forget.

Yabu, 12 years old.
There's an angel's halo on my head totally, really cute. At that point of time, I would stay in school to play soccer everyday. But when I go to school, I would get injured. And also, I didn't do much thinking. Was totally depending on my instincts for survival. (laughs)

Yaotome, 12 years old.
I totally don't remember anything about the photoshoot. If it was anything, then it's that I'm not smiling. (laughs) But from then on, whatever I do, I do it seriously. But one thing that never change, since ever till now, is that when the photoshoot takes place in the mountains, I would bring a wooden stick up there with me.

Inoo, 13 years old.
I'm used to seeing my hair being curly, and now that when I looked at my old self, the straight hair looks fresh-looking. At that time, I would hide in the bushes when playing hide-and-seek, gathering with friends to play games. A really innocent teenager ne. (laughs)

Question 3: Using the palm-reading results below as a reference, guess which hand belongs to which member. (5 points each/ 50 points total)

A- The top part of the head line is facing downwards slightly. It gives out the feeling that he’ll excel in art. He should be able to put his potential in drawing and photography into good use. The heart line extends beyond the space in between the middle finger and the ring finger. This means that he might be afraid of loneliness.

B- The tip of the heart line is split into two lines, which is a sign of gentleness. For people whose life line takes up a large part, they are always very energetic and cheerful. Because of that, they are loved by everyone. The head line is a little twisted, looks like he has some weird special skills.

C- From the looks of it, this palm totally belongs to someone who wants to be spoilt. The way how the head line and life line being joined together till the middle part is a proof of it. And also, the heart line is located in a lower part of the palm, means that this person has the characteristic of thinking through carefully before making any actions. He would not forget to read the atmosphere before making any actions, and is someone who's really serious.

D- The heart line stopped just under the middle finger, giving off the reall cool and cold impression. Ready to make observations, and able to made good explanations to others. The way how the middle finger and the ring finger seem to be close together shows the characteristic that he'll be able to give proper love and care towards a girl.

E- With the heart line and head line sticking together like that, this person has the 'Ape line' palm, mostly belonging to people who are a little weird. Someone who wants to be spoilt. And also, he's someone who wants to be alone, and yet at the same time, he's afraid of loneliness. His personality is complicated and strange, but is able to understand key points successfully. And because of that, he would most likely be number 1 in things that he do.

F- The middle finger tells of someone's responsibilty and patience. This person has really obvious joints in his middle finger, and has the existence of being a leader that will take good care of the members. The short head line shows that he can release his potential in the sports aspect.

G- When opening his hand, his thumb stretches outwards, a sign of being prim and proper. Will treat jokes seriously, and sometimes, he's not able to properly tell others of his feelings. But, he would place his friends in the first place and take actions based on that. He has a really straight head line, showing that he has a fast revolution. [T/N: Like I think he means that his brain is able to think fast.]

H- Has the ability to adapt fast to his surroundings. Using the point that his life line spilts into two at the end, looks like his fate lies in the overseas. Has a good attitude towards people, and is able to treat others fairly. Has the characteristics of being the most popular one in the group.

I- He has a really long heart line and brain line. Has a really developed Luna mount [T/N: Sorry, I made a mistake here. It's not the Venus mount, but the Luna mount instead. This refers to the small hump that you have near your wrist below the little finger], it shows that he has a sense in music. The long little finger proves that he can operate a musical instrument carefully. The really long and beautiful thumb shows that he's someone with high aim to move forward, and creates his goals on the aim of being the best.

J- Has discontinuous life line, but as a form of compensation, he has a continuing heart line. This kind of people are sensitve towards emotions, towards the aspect of writing and composing lyrics, they are able to bring out their message. A natural poet.

A- Okamoto
B- Arioka
C- Chinen
D- Morimoto
E- Takaki
F- Yabu
G- Nakajima
H- Yamada
I- Inoo
J- Yaotome

Question 4: Please make a guess as to which member made the positions from A to J. (5 points each/ 50 points total)


Question 5: We have raised three questions about love to the members. Please try and guess each member’s answers. (5 points each/ 150 points total)

The type of girl that I like

A- Hair length should be semi-long, in either black or brown colour. Girls who wear shorts and sports shoes, and that they’ll go play with me seems to be not bad. But if I can comfort a girl when her feet feels painful from wearing high heels, this sort of feeling is nice too. (laughs)

B- Although it's the sister that would watch fashion events or TV specials, but being able to have different type of styles is a girl's privilege! A girl that is able to enjoy the different type of styles at that time isn't bad either. If it's more lady-like, I like those flowy type of skirts.

C- 'Fresh look' is the main point. If the clothes looks suitable on her, then it's okay already. But then, when it comes to hairstyle, I have my insistence. I like black hair ne. ... But this is also related to 'fresh look' ne. (laughs) And also, I like straightforward girls. This is really important!

D- In terms of dressing, I have no special demands. But the most important thing is to have a comfortable and refreshing look. Wearing a skirt while barefooted, definitely a no-no. My mum is good in cooking, so if she can make delicious dishes it would be good ne. It's the best if she can make sweet and sour shrimp for me.

E- When it comes to clothes, must be of the girlish type. A white full-piece dress is not bad too. That is, that's the types of dressing that we boys can't do. (laughs) Hairstyle would be black straight hair, being able to tie it up of length. I like the action of letting down the hair that has been tied up.

F- For me, the girl that I like would be the style I like at that time. If I were to say, I would prefer a more leisure, and yet able to bring out a girly side kind of style. For hairstyle, black, long hair is better ne!!

G- My clothes are of a rather plain colourm, so I hope that the girl would wear something that's plain too. A white T-shirt with a black long jacket. As for the bottom, it will be tight-fit jeans. If the shoes are full of colours, it will be the main point of fashion ne.☆

H- I like those sort of rock styles like a T-shirt with leather jacket. And also, a girl that has a rich knowledge for music and movies isn't too bad either. Maybe I would be attracted to a girl that looks at the computer, and looking up information about different places too. (laughs)

I- A girl that looks good with jeans. I like girls that wears flat shoes. No specific requirements as to the hairstyle, but if I have to mention one, that it would be black, medium-length hair. A clean, refreshing look is really important. But as compared to all of that, the most important thing is one's smile. I really like girls that have a cute smile.

J- I wear really simple clothing, so a girl with pants and casual clothing is good enough. Make-up has to be of a simple feel too. But, if her hair is of slightly brown, giving off an natural feel of fashionable, it's good too!

A- Arioka
B- Inoo
C- Morimoto
D- Nakajima
E- Okamoto
F- Takaki
G- Chinen
H- Yabu
I- Yamada
J- Yaotome

Thing to say before kissing

A- Please close your eyes.
B- Itadakimasu (laughs)
C- I'm digging in. ♥
D- Say ‘suki’ ten times, then I’ll kiss you. (laughs) [T/N: As explained by kute24 , if you say 'suki' ten times in a fast speed, it would sound like 'kisu' (kiss). =D Thanks for the explanation!=)]
E- Hm?
F- Kiss me baby.
G- Use your lips, ルネッサーンス [T/N: Apparently, it's a gag.]
H- Can I kiss you?
I- ...... (speechless)
J- Can I kiss (chuu~) you?

A- Morimoto
B- Yabu
C- Nakajima
D- Arioka
E- Yamada
F- Chinen
G- Yaotome
H- Okamoto
I- Takaki
J- Inoo

Kiss mark

A- Inoo
B- Yabu
C- Takaki
D- Yamada
E- Yaotome
F- Chinen
G- Arioka
H- Okamoto
I- Morimoto
J- Nakajima

Question 6: We did three ranking surveys among the members. Make a guess as to the topic that belongs to each ranking. (10 points each/ 30 points total)

Ranking A
First place- Okamoto (3 votes)/ Inoo (3 votes)
Second place- Takaki (2 votes)
Third place- Nakajima (1 vote)/ Yaotome (1 vote)

Ranking B
First place- Yamada (4 votes)/ Yaotome (3 votes)
Second place- Okamoto (2 votes)
Third place- Chinen (1 vote)

Ranking C
First place- Yamada (5 votes)
Second place- Okamoto (3 votes)
Third place- Morimoto (1 vote)/ Yabu (1 vote)

Choices for the topics of the survery
1. The most fashionable
2. The lover that I want
3. The one that looks strong when it comes to fighting.
4. The brother that I want
5. The most perverted
6. The one that looks like he could speak to aliens

Ranking A- 5) The most perverted
Ranking B- 3) The one that looks strong when it comes to fighting.
Ranking C- 1) The most fashionable


Ranking A - The most perverted
- Inoo-chan. But it’s the really 'open' kind of pervertic. (laughs) [T/N: I’m not sure what he means. But I don’t think he means that Inoo is really that perverted. XD] He’s looks happiest when he talks about dirty jokes that are of elementary school level. ☆ (Arioka)
- Keito. Because when he listens to dirty jokes, he'll feel embarrassed. So he's conversely more pervertic ne~ (Takaki)
- Inoo-chan. No matter what the topic is, he would reply it with dirty jokes. Although it's interesting, but it's rather old man-like. (laughs) (Nakajima)
- Takaki-kun would look at others because of sexiness. (Okamoto)

Ranking B - The one that looks strong when it comes to fighting.
- There's none, since everyone is rather weak ne. (laughs) But if I have to mention one, then it would be me I guess. (snickers) (Yamada)
- Keito. Looking at his muscles, I would think, "He's strong... in fighting, isn't he?" (Morimoto)
- Hikaru-kun. Actually, I used to fight with him. [T/N: I think he means fighting, like sparring.] When we were still juniors, he often makes me cry. (laughs) (Arioka)
- Chinen. Not that he was a strong arm power or something like that, but he seems to be really noisy when fighting. It's really scary. (Takaki)

Ranking C - The most fashionable
- Keito. That guy's private clothes looks really cool. Whatever is good. We must go shopping together. (Yamada)
- Yama-chan. He really pays attention to accessories, so he's fashionable. As compared to me who always wears plain clothes, it's totally opposite. (Yaotome)
- Yama-chan's height and mine are about the same. So I can always use him as a reference! (Chinen)
- Even if it's a T-shirt with a really simple design, when Keito wears it, it can become really funky. (Inoo)
- The only middle-schooler who looks so compatible with a hat, can only be Ryuutaro. (Yabu)

Question 7: The most common phrase used by each member. Please make a guess as to which phrase belongs to which member. (5 points each/ 50 points total)

A- Yeah (that's why)
B- Ne, ne, did you know?
C- Sugoii
D- So that's how it is.
E- Troublesome
F- I don't understand
G- What time is it now?
H- This guy!
I- Un, that-
J- Really?

A- Okamoto
B- Arioka
C- Inoo
D- Yaotome
E- Chinen
F- Yabu
G- Morimoto
H- Nakajima
I- Yamada
J- Takaki

Question 8: Below are mails from one member to the other. Make a guess as to who they had sent the mail to. (5 points each/ 50 points total)

from Nakajima to A

Have you already secured tomorrow's contact?


from Yamada to B

Ridiculously late!!


from Chinen to C

大チャン's room [T/N: I think it's Dai-chan, but I'm not sure about it.]


from Morimoto to D

Ganbatte for your dorama!


from Okamoto to E



From now onwards

Continue to ganbatte ne!


from Arioka to F



from Takaki to G

Oh, really.


from Inoo to H

Arigachofu (Thank you)


from Yaotome to I

Really, Inoo-chan's very interesting ne.


from Yabu to J

It's because the train's late, that's why I'm late. (laughs)

It's not that I can't get up.
It's the train. (laughs)



A- Okamoto
「It's because uncertain of gathering time. But I didn't receive a reply. (laughs)」 (Nakajima)

B- Arioka
「He’s a devil when it comes to being late… Because of that, I would often email him angrily. (laughs)」 (Yamada)

C- Morimoto
「It's because during the tour, he asked me where I was. So I replied him like this.」 (Chinen)

D- Yabu
「Because of the filming of the dorama, so I sent an encouraging mail! Luckily he did reply me properly.」 (Morimoto)

E- Nakajima
「Sent at exactly midnight on 10th August, on Yuto's birthday.」 (Okamoto)

F- Yamada
「This is for Yamada, who always forgives me when I’m late.」 (Arioka)

G- Arioka
「The mails are short, because I would normally call people (instead of sending mails).」 (Takaki)

H- Yaotome
「It's a return gift for telling me the gathering venue for Myojo's interview.」 (Inoo)

I- Inoo
「This is a reply to the weird mail, saying 'Arigachofu' (ありがちょふ) (laughs)」 (Yaotome)

J- Inoo
「Because I can't reach the venue on time. It's all the train's fault for making me late!」 (Yabu)

Question 9: Exposing the clothes that the members wear in private! Please choose the items that belong to each member. (5 points each/ 100 points total)


A- Yabu
B- Yaotome
C- Yamada
D- Chinen
E- Inoo
F- Okamoto
G- Takaki
H- Arioka
I- Nakajima
J- Morimoto


A- Inoo
B- Yamada
C- Yaotome
D- Morimoto
E- Okamoto
F- Arioka
G- Chinen
H- Yabu
I- Nakajima
J- Takaki

Question 10. The ten people's talk. Please make a guess as to who A - J are. (5 points each/ 50 points total)

A: The one that's like an adult, I think it's D. Even though everyone's noisy, he would remain quiet alone. Has the image of looking at us being noisy from afar, while smiling to himself.
B: I think it's D too! Whatever happens, he wouldn't make a move. What does C thinks?
C: Using the elimination method, it's D I guess. And also, I think he's the most serious amongst the other members when it comes to doing something.
D: Is that so? I just seem like an adult, and it's not all the time that I'm serious.
E: What I think, is that the time when D is quiet, is like the common opposition during the period of having amorous thoughts. It's the time when he wants to act like an adult.
D: It's nothing like that... By the way, I think it's G (who's like an adult). Always looking cool, and really handsome!
F: G ah... He's only acting cool. Actually, he's still a kid. (laughs)
G: Wait-!
F: And loves manga, unexpectedly.
B: That's right. G is definitely a kid. Always playing pranks on the members. But then, when it comes to playing pranks, I would not lose too.
G: It's just that I still want to have the child-like heart after being an adult. That's why, it is to have fun in the right environment.
H: Heading back to the previous topic, I think A is the most like adult. He's the only one amongst the members that will say "No!" in a severe tone. Because I've known him for a rather long time, so what I've said should be accurate.
I: Un, he's really serious. He looks at the things around him really calmly.
J: During the MC, if A is not around, there's no way to continue talking.
G: Exactly! Although we're the same year, I would still depend on him.
A: Stop complimenting me, I'll feel embarrassed. (laughs) Then, it's decided that the one that's most like adult is me then. Next, the member that's the most like a child is? I think it's J ne. Because he still has those parts that are like a child within him. But that, is also one of J's good points!
D: I think it's J too. He's always noisy, and joyful too.
J: Eh?! As compared to me, D, who is younger than I am, is more like a kid... D, be noisy together with me.
D: No, I'm the one who gets tired when being noisy.
E: What are you talking about? You're the youngest member. For me, I think it's I. Because, he often has huge reactions. And chubby faces are the best!
I: Thank you. For me, I'm voting for J. As compared to me and E who are in the same year, he's the one who can't seem to settle down.
H: Then, everyone agrees that the one who's most like a kid is J? Because he has a high tension everytime, and doesn't seem to be able to catch a cold even, really energetic.
C: Really full of energy. And H is also the same. When I play the guitar in the studio, he would also perform with me by my side.
H: Must play as a band again.
A: What about J? Who do you think it is?
J: Actually, if you ask me, I think it's myself too. (laughs)
Everyone except J: Oi~ (laughs)
J: What I'm saying is that, if I get hooked onto something, I can't really see anything else anymore... And recently, I've also told peers of the same grade in high school, "Really like a kid ne." Hahaha~
A: Really, so it's decided that it's J!

A: Yabu
B: Arioka
C: Okamoto
D: Morimoto
E: Chinen
F: Inoo
G: Takaki
H: Yaotome
I: Yamada
J: Nakajima

Question 11: During the concert, the members acted in ‘Ten Gokus’ (or ‘The Ten People Goku’), please guess as to which lines are the member’s key phrase. (5 points each/ 50 points total)

A- Third year second year I'm first year. I'll go really seriously-. Just kidding.
B- Just use a hammer to deal with you!
C- Going to use this rod to defeat the enemies, いーの, OK!
D- Na, fingernails are long? I say, I've never once cut it, that's why!
E- The hand that uses the short sword, 參上. [T/N: I'm not sure what this is. T_T]
F- I’m totally unafraid!
G- If it's us, then we can do it! Yes, we can! Wait!
H- I've been holding a sword ever since that time.
I- Although it looks like this, but I treat this as a shield. [T/N: Warning- this is a really, really rough translation.]
J- Ah, I'm born on 9th of May right? That's why, I might be the real Goku!

A- Chinen
B- Nakajima
C- Inoo
D- Takaki
E- Morimoto
F- Arioka
G- Okamoto
H- Yaotome
I- Yabu
J- Yamada

Question 12: Nounai Quiz ~7 version~
During the concert, the 7 members performed 'Nounai Dance'. The brain shown in the screen belongs to which member? (5 points each/ 25 points total)

A- Yamada
B- Nakajima
C- Chinen
D- Morimoto
E- Okamoto

Question 13: Nounai Quiz ~BEST version~
We have also let the BEST members think about it. Please choose the answers for A to E from the choices given. (5 points each/ 25 points total)

1. Blanket
2. Hikaru [T/N: I’m not sure whether this refers to Hikaru, or light, since they both have the same kanji. But I assume is Hikaru that they’re talking about.]
3. Cold knowledge
4. Fun
5. Travelling

Arioka: A – 3) Cold knowledge
Takaki: B – 5) Travelling
Inoo: C- 2) Hikaru
Hikaru: D – 4) Fun
Yabu: E – 1) Blanket

Question 14: During the night of the concert in Fukuoka, the members had Fukuoka hotpot cuisine. Using the four pictures as a clue, please make a guess as to the sitting arrangement that night. (1 point each/ 9 points total)

I H Yamada G F

E. Inoo D. Yabu C. Nakajima B. Arioka A. Yaotome
I. Okamoto H. Morimoto Yamada G. Chinen F. Takaki

Question 15: During the tour, the members are roomed based on 2 people per room. Using the statement they have made about their roommate, please guess as to which members are being paired up together to share a room. (20 points each/ 100 points total)

Yamada Ryosuke: We slept at the same time. But when it comes to waking up, that guy wakes up later.

Arioka Daiki: He’ll press a hand on his chest when he sleeps, just like a kid.

Morimoto Ryuutaro: He can watch the TV while listening to music. Sugoii!

Inoo Kei: A big eater. He loves to eat, and he would eat his bento without speaking a word.

Takaki Yuuya: He keeps going to the other members’ rooms to play.

Yabu Kota: He got the masseur from the hotel massage when he’s too tired. Looks really comfortable and relaxing.

Okamoto Keito: His showers are long. He takes about 40 to 50 mins everytime he takes a shower.

Chinen Yuuri: If the whole room’s all dark, it’s impossible for him to fall asleep. And so a small lamp is always turned and kept on.

Nakajima Yuuto: Once he returned to the hotel room, he’ll head to the bathroom to wash his feet first.

Yaotome Hikaru: His snores are rather loud.







Question 16: Loaded with photos from [Hey! Say! Summer concert’09 JUMP Tengoku] and [Hey! Say! JUMP in Tokyo Dome], the SUPER MIRACLE, super adorable and super kakkoii photobook that is to be released on the 21st November is… ? (120 points)

Answer: FIRST Photobook