Christmas Greetings from Hey Say Jump

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Thanks to sa718ra for translating this.


I'll try translating but the hangwriting and the picture quality isn't that great XDD

Hikaru: Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
Winter is cold, but the illuminations and such are really pretty! I am very excited to meet all of YOU, who are much prettier than the illuminations, at the concerts!

Inoo: Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
I wonder who you spent Christmas and New Year's with?? But of course, you'll probably spend it with us at the concerts, right (laughs). I'm very excited (for the concert)! Bye bye!

Yabu: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Did you all get your presents and Otoshidama (Money in little bags that kids get for New Years)? I want some too~, luckky~ (He's referring to the otoshidama) (laughs). Please support us in 2010! Nyahahaha~!

Chinen: Happy New Years!
Thank you for supporting us in 2009. Please take care of Hey! Say! JUMP in 2010! I'll work hard again this year!

Yuto: Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
Thanks to all of you, 2009 was a great year. Thank you. Please take care of Hey! Say! JUMP in 2010!

Takaki: Merry Christmas!!
Everybody, please enjoy Christmas with smiles! Happy New Years! (I can't really read this part but i think it's something along the lines of:) Let us work together in 2010 and work our hardest!

Daiki: Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!
Was 2009 a great year? Let's not lose to 2009! Let's make more memories with us in 2010! We'll be waiting for your! 2010~ ><

Ryutaro: Merry Christmas~ Happy New Years
I'm glad that we were able to tour the country and meet everybody. We're all working hard to let you all have a great time (at our concerts) so please support us.

Yamada: (Oh jesus, i can't read anything...)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!
I'll be spirited again this year and work hard~!

Sorry but i cannot read Yamada's...

Credits and kisses to suoncom/XQ <3