Ryosuke Yamada Nov Duet Translation

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How would you confess to the girl you like?
If I were the girl, I think that a straight "I love you" would please me the most. Not "I love you..." or "I LOVE YOU!", something with a soft kind of feeling. I also want to say it naturally.

Today's your first date with your girlfriend. What kind of date do you want to do?
I'd call the day before we go out, then I'd like to discuss about where we should go. If she says "Anywhere's fine", then I'd give her three options. If she still says "I don't know~", then I'd say "Do you want to play at my house, then?" (laughs).

After the date, what kind of text will you send?
"Today was fun, wasn't it? Where do you want to go next time? If you're tired or if anything happens, text me whenever. Good night". Oh gosh, I feel kind of embarrassed (laughs).

Because of fighting, your girlfriend is angry. How do you get back on her good side?
I'd leave her alone! Just kidding (laughs). Um, when my sister is feeling down, she always puffs her cheeks. Then she really persuades us. I think it's something like that.

You've found out that your girlfriend has told a lie. What will you do?
I'd listen to her reason on why she lied. I might scold her, but in the end, I want to forgive her.

The girl you like is right in front of you. How will you catch her attention?
I'm SERIOUSLY not good with talking to girls. I get embarrassed when looking at them in the eye, too. So, how about writing my info on a paper then give it to her?

The food the girl you like made isn't so tasty. How would you react?
If it's a blunder, then I'd say "Hey! Hey! (laughs)". If it's just not tasty, I'd say "If you add some *blah*, it might taste better". If I think that she made it for me, then I can't say it tastes bad. My sense of taste's strike-zone is surprisingly wide to begin with, so as long as she makes something I can swallow, I'm okay (laughs).

Which member do you think is the most popular among girls?
I think it's Takaki-kun. He acts like a kid, but he seems like a person that would protect his girlfriend when necessary.

What action of a girl do you think is strange?
While saying "I like kind men", they also say "I don't like too kind men". I don't get what they're trying to say!

What will you do to say a usual "thanks" to you fans?
A nation-wide meet and greet! Not one where the fans come to see us, but I'd like to visit their hometowns. As much as possible, I want to be close and bond with them. In those times, I, the self-conscious person, will properly see their faces♥ At the place where we hold the event, I want to think of ideas, like to show moves and attractions that are enjoyable, while waiting to shake hands with us.