Inoo kei November Duet

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When you confess to the girl you like, what would you convey to her?
Starting with [I like you] is the best. [Have you lost weight recently?] and then, we'll go have a meal together, after I've calm down I'll confess to her. (so if inoo brings a girl out for food, BE PREPARED TO BE CONFESSED!or killed by me, whichever XD)
It’s your first date with your girlfriend, what kind of a date would you like?
For me, I like movies, for girls it’s probably shopping so, it would be the both combined, a movie + shopping date. I will probably fool around and tell my partner, “ Seriously, doesn’t this suit you more?” to the clothes she definitely won’t choose as my recommendation (laugh) (movies, he's poking at a sore spot for me T.T)After the date, what mail would you sent her?
[That was fun, let’s play again.]
You made the girl mad after a fight, what would you do to cheer her up?
[If you are that mad, and all the times that we’ve spent together would have dullen so, smile!]I probably won’t say that.(O.O)
You found out your girlfriend has lied to you. What would you do?
I think I will say something like [Don’t lie yo~] But then, there are times when you have to lie ne. Like the harmless lies that I do.(*cough) At that kind of situation you might shut up. But true feelings, I would want it if you say that na. No matter hurtful or not, I would want you to be frank.
The girl you made didn’t manage to cook a delicious meal. What kind of a reaction would you give?
Eat them all up. But then, I will go [How about a little changes here?], directly telling her where she should change. And then, I’d be the one cooking next time. Oh wait no, we’ll cook it together.
Infront of the girl that you are fond of, what kind of appeal would you do?
Ask her for her email address normally, and probably contact her everyday. But, before you start asking her, the opposite party might give “I’ll tell you”, “I won’t tell you” that kind of decision so you can’t be sure, “if it’s alright with you let’s keep in contact” and then send my own mail address over. If I do that it will give the opposite party time to think about giving it to me right? (he's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet)
Within the members, whom is the one whom seem the most popular with girls?
Ryuutaro! (yabu beside him protested, “eh? It’s not me?”) ha? Yabu totally has no idea what goes on in a girl’s heart, the only thing you know are male instincts right? With that, I wonder if Ryuutaro knows anything about female instincts? (ryuutaro : Totally have no idea!) …. Ah, I see. Then, if it’s popularity I think it’s alright if its me. (laugh) (HAHAHAH! they are all so funny here)
What part of a girl puzzles you?
Why do girls, perfectly put on make up? And why are your fake eyelashes so long? And when it seems heavy, why don’t you take it off, it’s a real puzzle.(*nods nods. WHY?! TELL ME WHY! well i wouldn't know much since most of my friends and i don't have a thing with make up)
How do you want to convey to your fans of your appreciation?
I want to send a flower to each and every one of them. “This flower is for you” and send that girl a flower that suits her.1 year later and I’d finish the whole nation! (DAMN U INOO, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PLANTS THAT WOULD KILL? HATE U. BUT THANKS FOR THE FLOWER THOUGH. HAHHAA)