Potato April 2011: Inoo-chan

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User’s Manual #1
Wisdom teeth
Yesterday, I pulled out my wisdom teeth. Last year, around November, I went to the dentist for a checkup and got an X-ray taken. And my wisdom teeth were growing straight sideways inside my gums. If I left it like that, my teeth would go crooked, so I decided to get it taken out in February when I had a holiday from school. Then, after I took it out, it got very swollen. And on top of that, we have a photo shoot today (laughs). (T/N: each issue's photo shoots are usually done a few months before) But I guess this face can become a gravure commemoration (laughs). (You don’t look any different from usual, Inoo-chan, still puri-puri-pretty as always :])

User’s Manual #2
Strong endurance
This still has to do with my wisdom teeth, but getting them out was really difficult. Because it was growing straight sideways, it couldn’t be taken out right quickly, and in total, it took 3 hours. (Oh man >.< I know how much it sucks getting them out, but 3 hours, geez…) The doctor even praised me and said I did my best. Which reminds me, when I was in middle school, during practice for the sports festival, I cut my lip and continued to just practice. When we were done and I went to tell my teacher, inside my mouth was just full of blood (laughs). (=.=;; Inoo-chan…I can’t laugh about that…)

User’s Manual #3
Loves to talk
I don’t like silence, so whenever I’m with the members, I always talk about something. Even though I talk a lot, I’m actually shy with strangers, and it takes time for me to build relationships with other people. Even with the members, for Chinen and Takaki, it was just last year that it became okay when it’s just the two of us (laughs). For my friends at school too, it's not because i talked to them first, it's mostly because the other side talked to me first [that we became friends].

User’s Manual #4
I went snowboarding!
When we speak of this season, it’s snowboarding ne. A scenery of pure white snow that doesn’t seem to be in a realistic world is really nice. Being able to glide on that on the snowboard also feels really nice. I already went once this year. Generally, I just decide on it suddenly like, “Shall I go tomorrow?” I’ve become able to glide on it normally, so next time, I want to challenge a jump, but it seems like I would break a bone, so I can’t do it…(cries)

User’s Manual #5
If you do this to me, I’ll get mad!
There’s this game where you hook your feet from behind, but when that gets done to me, I really hate it. Well, I think normally, anyone would hate it, but (laughs) Dai-chan or Yamada messes around all the time and does that to me. Of course, it’s just a joke, but the other day, I got mad and went “Stop it” (laughs). For any other type of prank, I would just let it end with a laugh, but this is the only thing that gets me pissed off. (Wow, my first time hearing of Inoo-chan getting mad haha. Yama-chan and Dai-chan please stop that prank from now on xD)

Keito’s comments
Inoo-chan’s really funny yo! His way of thinking and expression is different from other people, ne. Also, when he’s really laughing, his face is really funny too (laughs). He makes a face where you would know he’s really laughing. Also, he’s honest! I think he’s a person who would just straight out say things.

Yuya’s comments
Perhaps he’s a college student…right? (laughs) He properly goes to school and studies, but in front of us, he never shows us that part of him ne. That’s kind of cool. When we first formed, we thought each other would be hard to deal with, but now we’ve lost that awkwardness between us and it’s become a good relationship yo! (lol, that's unexpected...i mean both of you were in J.J. Express together...)

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