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“Their faces look the same”

1st Morimoto Ryutaro and Arioka Daiki
2nd Nakajima Yuto and Yaotome Hikaru
3rd Arioka Daiki and Yamada Ryosuke

Arioka: Me and Ryutaro…I never thought our faces looked the same.
Morimoto: Yea, and no one ever told us that too.
Arioka: Yea, yea…That’s why I was surprised that this was the result.
Morimoto: Yeah! Why?!
Arioka: Well, if we had to say what looks similar, then it would be oureyes.  Like our pupils are big.
Morimoto: They… do look alike…yea I guess.
Arioka: (laugh) My favourite part of your face it your nose. (Note: Sorry, I couldn’t read this…Something about love).
Morimoto: Hahaha… I don’t get it.
Arioka: It’s kind of like…Your face changed a lot since we debutedexcept for your nose. How about you, Ryutaro? What do you like about my face?
Morimoto: Definitely your mouth. When you smile, it looks like “KuchisakeOtoko” (NOTE: This is from “Kuchisake Onna” which is areally creepy horror movie. If you’re into horror, let me know and I’ll giveyou more info. If you’re okay with horror copy and paste (口裂け女;) into google images).
Arioka: (Let down) What!? Are you complimenting me or criticizing me?
Morimoto: 100% complimenting. The mouth that hasn’t changed since waybefore is the part I like best.
Arioka: Huh~… I like your eyebrows too.
Morimoto: Hahaha!!
Arioka: In your face, (Note: He’s only talkingabout Morimoto) the part that moves the most is your eyebrows. You maynot notice it, but it moves a lot.
Morimoto: Really!? (Stares at Arioka for a while. When Arioka notices,Arioka raises his eyebrows up and down). Dai-chan, when you lift your eyebrows, your nose lifts up as well.
Arioka: Hahaha!! Both our eyebrows move up and down naturally. I guessthat’s what makes us look so alike!? (laugh)

“They don’t talk a lot”
1st Inoo Kei and Okamoto Keito
2nd Yaotome Hikaru and Chinen Yuri
3rd Takaki Yuya and Okamoto Keito

Okamoto: You know what, for the past two years, it’s always been us whoget 1st in this one.
Inoo: …Which means we haven’t changed at all since then! WHY!!
Okamoto: Maybe because you actually never talk at all. You came andleft without saying a word twice at work. Today, you said “Good Morning” when we went to get our photos taken.
Inoo: Who do you talk to the most?
Okamoto: Dai-chan, Yama-chan, Ryutaro mostly.
Inoo: Me, I only talk to you except for the other eight members.
Okamoto: Ah, of course~ (laugh). But you know, we don’t know a lotabout each other. Let’s talk about the things that we each like. I like my guitar,music, foreign stuff and English!
Inoo: I like my guitar, music, foreign stuff and English (ß big lie)!
Okamoto: Whoa! Can it be?
Inoo: We’re the same!! This year, I’ll teach you the guitar!
Okamoto: Teach me English too!
Inoo: Yeah, our favourite songs too.
Okamoto: What do you like?
Inoo: …Charlie Brown
Okamoto: (Slightly let down) That’s Snoopy’s owner!
Inoo: Hahaha! You caught me (laugh).