Duet April 2011: Keito's part

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The other day, I went ice skating with a number of friends. It wasn’t my first time ice skating, but it’s been a long time. And I often fall a lot even just walking normally on the streets. I trip a lot. So I think “There’s no way I can skate on ice!” (laughs). But when I tried it, I was unexpectedly able to skate. And on top of that, I became able to do a turn, so I was surprised. Though I say that, I tripped about 3 to 4 times (laughs). Also, at the skating place, there was a little girl who was practicing figure skating, probably about half my size, and whenever we passed by each other, she laughed at me under her nose. That kind of pricked my heart (laughs)

My PE class at school, if last week was soccer, then the week before it is basketball, and before that, it’s tennis, and each week different equipment would be put out. And so I was thinking “What would it be this week” and turns out it was flying disc (I’m guessing this means a Frisbee…). At first I thought “We’re already third year high school students, we can’t be playing something so childish” and “For real? Right before such an important time like graduation” that sort of atmosphere. But when we started playing it, it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t just me, everyone else became really absorbed in it. I underestimated flying disc, gomen (laughs).

Rather than from now on, right now, what I’m working hard on is acting. In 3nenBgumi Kinpachi Sensei (airing on TBS March 27), my role is Kageura Yuya, a delinquent. He’s someone who’s always mad and scary, it’s like “Eh? You’re going to punch someone right here?” I was a bit surprised. I mean, normally, I don’t get mad at people (laughs). But that’s what’s fun about acting. It’s my first time becoming someone I’m not, so everything seems really fresh. Also the time from the camera rehearsal up till the real thing, the adjusting of the lighting and camera placement gives us about 30 minutes of free time, and during that time, Kinpachi-sensei (Takeda Tetsuya-san) really gives a class. Basically, it’s a lot of talk about kanji (T/N: Chinese characters), but their really beneficial classes, and every time, I think it’s really amazing.

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