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Only Star March 2010 - Q&A

Morimoto Ryutaro
B.D. 4/6 H7
Blood Type A

Q. Anything that made you feel matured lately?
A. That I’m starting to understand jokes. At first, I didn’t understand jokes when I joined JUMP and took everything seriously but now, I can take jokes and reply back with jokes as well.

Q. What do you like about your little brother, Shintaro kun?
A. I have so many but it’s when he’s serious about work and takes leadership in Snow Prince. We also tell each other about what’s good and what needs to be fix so we can both make improvements. I believe there are things only brothers can understand and say to each other.

Q. Is there a haircut you want to try next?
A. Blond (laughs)

Q. Tell us what you’re into lately.
A. Hair. I didn’t care for them at all before but I’ve been talking with Hikaru kun about what kind of cut would suit me and actually getting it cut and styled.

Q. I’d like to the mysterious or funny stories about the members.
A. Yabu chan bought a monster/creature book.

Q. Is there a member with funny habits?
A. Hikaru kun’s sneeze. It’s very cute (laughs).

Q. Is there a meaningful song for you?
A. There’s quite a lot but Misuchiru (Mr.Children)’s “Tomorrow never knows”. Singing alone where no one’s around seems cool. I also like all the Misuchiru’s songs including this song.

Okamoto Keito
B.D. 4/1 H5
Blood type O

Q. What’s your favorite yojijykugo (four character idioms)
A. Here comes my least favorite subject already. “一石二鳥 (kill two birds with one stone)”? That’s about the only ones I know (laughs)

Q. You have a cool image but have you had any clumsy mistake lately?
A. I’m more of a clumsy person though. I trip at least 5 times a day and run into a pole at the train station. Pretty bad right?

Q. What’s your favorite English word?
A. Probably “Happy”

Q. How do I study to speak English so well as Okamoto kun?
A. Go overseas for a week or two. You learn a lot more from being around English for 24 hours in overseas than learn in Japan.

Q. If you could switch place with one of the members for a day, who would it be?
A. Inoo kun. Because he has drivers license. I really want to drive a car.

Q. Is there a rule or a system in JUMP?
A. No one puts their belongings on the table or chairs at interviews. We have so many people that we need room for others to sit.

Chinen Yuri
B.D. 11/30 H5
Blood type AB

Q. Did Arashi’s Ohno kun ever took you for dinner?
A. Not yet. He’s probably busy with work so it’s very hard for me to contact him. Since anytime is fine for me, I’m just waiting for Ohno kun to invite me!

Q. Both cute and cool suits you well but which would you rather be said?
A. Cute, of course. It’s most likely something that can be said now and not many guys are called cute. That’s why, I think being said that is a very precious and pleasing thing for me.

Q. If you could switch place with one of the members for a day, who would it be?
A. Yama chan. I want to walk under a giant poster (of myself) in Shibuya and attract attention.

Q. What made you feel grateful for being one of the members?
A. When all 10 of us got together and moved to tears after the Tokyo Dome Concert. I felt thankful of being one of the members from bottom of my heart.

Q. Tell us mysterious thing about the members!
A. (Arioka) Dai chan. He’s usually really nice and tolerant. He’s kind of person who’ll laugh and forgive you after a little prank but a total stranger right after he wakes up (laughs). He’d finally wake up after I pull him up.

Yamada Ryosuke
B.D. 5/9 H5
Blood type B

Q. Is there anything special you do or watch out for when dancing?
A. Dance big because my body is small.

Q. I see you as just running a lot in drama Hidarime Tantei EYE but do you do any training?
A. Running in drama is like my training so I don’t do anything. But, I actually hate running since I’m not a fast runner.

Q. Is there are role you want to try next? I’d like to see Yamada kun play a comic role.
A. Me too. Since I’m usually a like that (comedian).

Q. What’s Yamada kun’s favorite easy recipe?
A. Pour somen broth on deep fried eggplant and put ginger and dried bonito on top. It’s very simple but very good!

Q. If you could switch place with one of the members for a day, who would it be?
A. Yabu kun. I want to know what kind of stuff he wants to do or how he see things after turning 20.

Q. Does JUMP have a rule?
A. The rule is, we have no rules. It’d be boring if we did. Nothing strange would happen because we all have a foundation as a human being and free to do anything on it. There are no rules because we all trust each other.

Nakajima Yuto
B.D. 8/10 H5
Blood type A

Q. When do you feel most relaxed?
A. When I’m sleeping next to my dog Pamu.

Q. Is there anything you’re doing lately to build your body?
A. I want to focus on my chest muscles so I’m thinking about doing pushups. My arms got pretty big from drums and leg muscles from tap dance but my complex is that I have no muscles on my chest. I’m feeling down from looking wimpy in sexy photo shots because of that (laughs). I’d like to aim for a buff guy!

Q. How do you get back on your feet when you’re feeling down?
A. I’m usually pretty negative. I know that’s not good so when I’m feeling down, I tell myself “it’s fine, it’s fine” and get hold of myself.

Q. If you were to switch place with one of the members for a day?
A. Turn into Yabu kun and watch bunch of Johnny Depp movies. I like him too but I’d like to see it in Yabu kun’s perspective.

Q. Does JUMP have a rule?
A. When there’s tons of drinks and snacks at work, (Arioka) Dai chan is told to have one at a time but I love snacks that I open all of them. I guess this is more like my own rule than JUMP’s rule (laughs).