Only Star March 2010 Hey!Say!BEST

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Only Star March 2010

Inoo Kei
B.D. 6/22 H2
Blood type A

Q. Inoo kun said you’ll be studying design/layout a college next year during MC. If you were to design a stage for JUMP, what kind of stage would you design?
A. I’d like the stage to link the image (video) with us.

Q. Is there anything that made you happy or tough being a college student?
A. Good thing is that I get to learn all the stuff I didn’t know and meet new people with great ideas. My way of thinking has changed and lot of new perspectives. What’s tough are the tests.

Q. What’s the most enjoyable as a college student?
A. the moment the test ends.

Q. Tell me if there’s anything important to study for tests
A. If you take interests while studying the subject, I think it won’t be as tough.

Q. Is it hard to keep up with both college and work?
A. When I was studying Chinese, the members would come near me saying “what is that?” all the time and it’s the funniest thing. It’s hard but I think it’s worth it.

Arioka Daiki
B.D. 4/15 H3
Blood type A

Q. If you can switch place with a member for one day, who would it be?
A. Yabu kun. He’s the tallest so I want to see what Yabu kun sees.

Q. When does it make you feel happy to be working with this member?
A. I guess it’s when we talk and laugh about stupid stuff on the way home from work.

Q. Tell us what you’re into lately.
A. Super Sento [bath house with different baths]. Lying baths are the best.

Q. What makes you relaxed the most?
A. After taking a bath, got everything set for tomorrow, and when all I have to do is sleep.

Q. Any rules in JUMP or guidelines?
A. You can only dye your hair after graduating high school.

Q. Is there a member who has funny habits?
A. (Yaotome) Hiakru kun. He touches his face like crazy or his side burns when he’s impatient.

Q. If you didn’t have this job, what kind of work did you want to have in the future?
A. Kindergarten teacher. I love little kids.

Q. What’s the most enjoyable song to sing to?
A. “Rome & Juliet” We performed it for the first time at the last concert. Both the audiences and the members all enjoyed the song.

Yabu Kota
B.D. 1/31 H2
Blood type A

Q. Is there anything changed about you after the play?
A. I appreciate JUMP more. I was going back and forth at one time and it was hard on my body but they supported me because they knew that. That made me think I’m really happy with these 10 members from bottom of my heart and even though I was alone on stage, I felt a sense of security of 10 members.

Q. Do you have a way of relaxing when you’re tired?
A. Aroma. Hikaru gave me aroma mist and I used it all during the stage.

Q. Did you hear member’s thoughts after watching the play?
A. They said “it wasn’t the usual Yabu kun”

Q. If you can switch place with a member for one day, who would it be?
A. Ryutaro and go back to middle school. Then, I want to eat school lunches. I want to eat agepan~ (deep fried bread).

Q. Is there a member who has funny habits?
A. Yuto. Since he loves drums, he’s usually beating his lap when music comes on or starts drum practices. Gosh, so annoying! (laughs).

Q. When does it make you feel happy to be working with this member?
A. When I’m doing concerts! So much fun!

Yaotome Hikaru
B.D. 12/2 H2
Blood type O

Q. You said you wanted to learn something after graduation, is there anything new you started?
A. I’m still planning but I want to learn how to scuba dive and get license in the summer. I can’t swim but when I (scuba) last summer for the first time, I was hooked.

Q. What was the hardest on-locations?
A. When I was suspended down from a mountain to get rare iwatake (rocky fungus). To get there I had to walk in the mountain for over 6 hours to go there and come back. I came home stumbling.

Q. What’s a popular joke you’re into at the moment?
A. Of course I like jokes by Audrey, who I work with. When I greet them I say “toose!” and I say “this part of Hikaru is open” during concerts.
※Audrey, comedic duo. Mentioned above are both Kasuga’s jokes. Toose usually means hey & this part of Kasuga is open, while pointing to his sides means he’s open for relationship.

Q. If you can switch place with a member for one day, who would it be?
A. Probably Ino (Inoo) chan. I want to be Inoo chan and spend a day carefree.

Q. Any rules in JUMP or guidelines?
A. There’s been a MC standing place for concerts since debut. We did different positioning recently but it was too weird and everyone went back to their spots.

Takaki Yuya
B.D. 3/28 H2
Blood type O

Q. When do you feel most relaxed?
A. My bed at home. But I mostly give a sigh of relief in the bathtub.

Q. Do you have any embarrassing experience?
A. Nope. I don’t usually feel embarrassed. I can walk in the streets of Shibuya alone, singing without any problem. Totally fine with people staring at me. Although my friends tell me “stop it’s embarrassing” (laughs).

Q. What do you do on your off?
A. Go on a vacation or on a drive with my friends. I like going to places without making plans.

Q. The members often call you childish but what kind of things made you think the most childish?
A. When they tell me “that’s childish” and I say “not childish” back getting all worked up. I get excited when it’s snowing too. I don’t want to lose that childish mind when I grow up.

Q. What makes you feel old?
A. My age. I’ll be a seijin in a year.
Seijin (20 yrs old) considered as an adult in Japan.

Q. If you can switch place with a member for one day, who would it be?
A. I want to be Chinen and do a back flip.