Only Star ___ 2010 - Talk Part Hey!Say!7

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Only Star ___ 2010 - Talk Part

The longer I have my indivudal work, the more I feel at home coming back to JUMP

― First, tell us your thoughts on drama Hidarime TanteiEYE
Okamoto: (Yamada) looks different from usual right?
Nakajima: He had mostly cool characters but it’s new that he’s not so much this time.
Chinen: He’s not exactly smart even though he’s a detective. I thought that’s something new to a detective series.

― Whether or not that was a compliment (laughs). How did you feel when the theme song Hitomi no Screen played?
Yamada: Very happy.
Nakajima: I thought “it’s on!” It’s been a while since our song was last played in a drama.
Yamada: It’s been a while since releasing a song as JUMP. Before filming the drama, I was told “you’ll also do the theme song” and I was very happy. The song itself was good too. It’s like modern but at the same time, it’s not.

― Like missed/old (song)?
Yamada: Exactly! Even though it’s more new to me (laughs). It’s like, something is different. I see this image of old town and a cool guy standing there. It was like Tora san and sunset.
Chinen: I thought it had old feeling too and great that we’re part of it.
Okamoto: It’s a catchy song. As for the song, it’s more Showa than Heisei (laughs).
Chinen: The line “youthful story” is new for our generation and my part “mayoi mayoi mayotte/ doubts doubts and hesitating” is different from the usual JUMP. We were more “straight to our dreams!” until now, with “doubts” coming in.
Nakajima: It shows how desperation to keep rising without losing to the present situation. We’re no stranger to that since we can relate to it.

― It’s cool that the dance looks unusual this time.
Morimoto: The dance moves are unique. It’s weird coming from me but I thought it looked cool.
Nakajima: This time, our idea was to line ourselves up so it’s made look cool with all 10 of us together. It has moderation with the slow tempo and chorus
Yamada: The song itself is easy to listen to and dance moves are easy to remember so it’d be nice if you learn it and feel pumped together. Also, perhaps you can something out of this song. Everyone has different ways of taking it in but it’ll be nice if you can feel something.

― Now on to the coupling songs Kagayaki Days and Romeo & Juliet. Kagayaki Days is sung by HSJ correct?
Okamoto: Yes, it’s a cut song right? It’s polar opposite of Hitomi no Screen. Tempo is pretty fast too.
Yamada: I just remember I had fun recording it. It was over before I knew it.
Nakajima: Didn’t you feel, we’re still at this level? It’s like songs like these are calming when we’re doing band corner during concerts.
Okamoto: As for having fun, I thought of the same for the other song Romeo & Juliet. This is like a duet with the audiences so it gets pretty pumped during live. I want everyone to hear it live than the CD.
Morimoto: Wasn’t it embarrassing to sing this during recording? Live is fine but not here (laughs).
Nakajima: It was awkward singing such a cute in front of the adult staffs. But as we sung during lives, we realized everyone got hyped up. Now, we sing it shamelessly while holding decorations.

―There were many responses that said “the place became one” from the readers who attended your concerts. This might be obvious for Hey!Say!JUMP who has great deal of experiences with lives but do you feel improved or stronger bonds after 3rd year?
Nakajima: You know how we sometimes mess up on live right? Well, I feel we improved when we can cover each other in certain situations. I can sense the team work.
Morimoto: Also in MC’s too. We used to talk and decide what we’ll talk about but lately, we just decide on the important part and other on adlibs.
Okamoto: I can laugh along with them when I’m not talking during MC (laughs). Since JUMP has 10 members, it was hard to notice if one was missing at first. But lately, I know who’s missing right away. Because our individual personality has gotten bigger.
Chinen: For me, my mood is starting to be same as usual when I’m with UMP. At first, I tried to be happy or thoughtful of others around me. Now I can just be myself.
Yamada: We can argue with each other in a good way too. Maybe that means our bonds has become stronger. Yabu kun and I are quite apart in age so I couldn’t say my opinions back then but I can say anything now. Yabu kun also understands that it means we’re growing as individual and listens to us.

― So more open in a way.
Yamada: Exactly. That’s why I want to maintain this relationship.The longer I have my solo work, the more I feel at home coming back to JUMP.
Chinen: That's right. I feel at home.