[Translation] Yabu Wink Up 2011/01

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A – Thank you (Arigatou) – For my birthday, I got a music player that could connect to the net from acquaintances. Before, I dropped it in the water, which is bad ne. I didn’t know where my account came from, so I had 0 applications on it (laughs). This time I’ll have to take better care.
From the members Dai-chan (Arioka) seems to have the most information, so maybe I should let him teach me. I think it’s very nice to be able to listen to music, or watching a movie because having a job like being in JUMP, I have to wait a lot.

Ri – Leader (Riida) – JUMP used to feel, “there is no leader in JUMP. Everyone is a leader from time to time” we would say such things, but recently people changed it into saying, “ah, Yabu-kun is the leader.” (laughs) A lot of those times I would disregard it as something I wouldn’t do, but lately I’m resolving myself, “I can do this!” But I don’t think I’m suited for being the leader, naa. When you look at the leaders of different other groups, Nakai-kun (SMAP), Joshima-kun (TOKIO) and Ohno-kun (Arashi), you’ll see that the oldest is usually the leader. That being said, it’s me after all (laughs).

Ga – Boardinghouse (Gasshukujo) – A while ago, I got a comment from a senpai. “I’m living in a boardinghouse…” it said. I’m longing, it seems to do such a thing (laughs). I wonder, how would it be, living in a boarding house? Hikaru-kun would make a game out of naming plants or something. I wonder if sharing a room would Takaki would be nice. There is a high rate of us rooming together when we’re in a hotel, but living together in a boarding house, the rhythm changes. Hikaru being a my pace-person can be difficult. He seems to be poor at separating his garbage (laughs).

To – Tottsu (Totsuka Shouta, from A.B.C.-z) – When I just entered the company, I didn’t know any of the choreography, but because I listened to A.B.C. the most, we became good friends. Even now, we still get along the best, rather than senpai he’s a “best friend”, someone I’m close to. We are quite similar to each other, the conversations we have together always make me excited.

U – Lose (Ushinau) – Like wearing sunglasses or caps, I always have to buy a new collection because it’s inevitable I’ll lose the previous one (laughs). Even cap’s alone I already bought 3 ones this year (he is still talking about 2010). I wore a cap during the Tackey&Tsubasa concert, but I lost it while watching. The people who picked it up from my seat, please return it (laughs).

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