Duet 2011. 02: Keito & Inoo-chan

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Inoo For the two of us to be paired up, the theme is probably music or studying right?

Keito It says discussion between the “air-headed and mysterious” combi….

Inoo No way~~!? I’ve never thought of myself as an air head or mysterious.

Keito When they have this as a theme, they immediately think “Inoo-chan and Keito” as the air-headed mysterious characters.

Inoo That’s right!

Keito But I somehow get why Inoo-chan is seen as a mysterious character.

Inoo Oi~~, what do you mean.

Keito I mean, I totally can’t imagine Inoo-chan’s private life.

Inoo Really?

Keito You seem like someone who would play games or read manga at home.

Inoo ….Isn’t that normal?

Keito Also, I have the image of you cooking instant ramen at the stove, and then eating it straight from the pot.

Inoo I don’t do that! For me, when it comes to life style, I’m actually very methodical. For cup ramen, I’m the type that fills hot water perfectly up to the line where it says to fill it up, and then I look at my watch and make sure I cook it for perfectly 3 minutes.

Keito Hmmm~~

Inoo Your reaction’s so weak! I think my private life and Keito’s behavior is pretty much the same. Wake up in the morning~~, go to school~~, go to work with JUMP.

Keito Ah, it pretty much is the same (laughs). But then, the aura that Inoo-chan gives out, it isn’t one that can be described with words.

Inoo This is a magazine, so you have to use words.

Keito If it’s with a painting maybe I can describe it. Like Picasso’s, where when people look at it, they would go “What is this!” that sort of mysterious painting.

Inoo Maybe the reason why Keito is thought of as an air-headed mysterious type is because of the influence that you were an English person many years ago.

Keito A long time ago and now, I was always a Japanese person.

Inoo A gentleman character filled with English-ness seemed a bit out of place. But then, Keito is slowly turning into more of a wild character (agreed Inoo-chan xD though he still has some of that gentleness in him lol). Lately, Keito’s scary…

Keito That’s not true.

Inoo Come to think of it, it seems like you’re always violently entwined with Ryutaro (Oh my, does sound very scary, Inoo-chan >.<)

Keito That’s because Ryutaro’s always treating me with a rebellious attitude! I’m just disciplining him, discipline!

Inoo See, scary!

Keito I’m not scary to Inoo-chan right?

Inoo When I make a joke, you used to laugh it off and forgive me, but lately you would glare at me and give off a “I’m mad” sort of feeling. (lol, I thought Keito never gets mad)

Keito After getting used to the Japanese lifestyle for a long time, the samurai spirit that I’ve forgotten has come out.

Inoo Ah, I see.

Keito Anyway, I’m not an air head! I think of myself as a normal person.

Inoo Keito, a lot of people in the world go about living by thinking that.

Keito But then at school, I get told by my friends “You are strange.”

Inoo What do you mean?

Keito I don’t know. I only act normally, but I get told I’m strange. But I don’t really hate that. I think it’s better than them saying “Keito’s a really normal person”.

Inoo That’s right. It’s individuality. Honestly, I don’t really care what kind of character I’m seen as. On the contrary, it becomes a new discovery when I find out how other people see me as.

Keito Inoo-chan’s so grown up~~. I know! Inoo-chan’s not mysterious (in this case, he says it in Japanese, which is “fushigi”), you are mysterious! (this is said in katakana, though I don’t really see the difference lol, I guess it’s just the feeling put into the word when you say it).

Inoo Keito has some mysterious points too.

Keito Actually, maybe we’re very alike.

Inoo Both Keito and I are proficient in English. (I’ve always thought this, but Inoo-chan seems like he can speak English, though he never really shows it)

Keito Eh~, it’s my first time hearing about that though (laugh).

Inoo Well, if I were to say which, rather than English, I’m actually better in Chinese.

Keito “Ni hao~”

Inoo “How are you?”

Keito ….Maybe it’s because we tell such stupid jokes that we are seen as mysterious characters.

Inoo Normally, when one is being the “boke” (T/N: the dumb on in a comedy duo), the other will be “tsukkomi” (T/N: the straight man of a comedy duo), but we continue our conversation with “boke” on “boke”.

Keito It says here that by the end of this conversation, we have to decide which of us is the real air-headed mysterious character.

Inoo Eh~~, that’s so bothersome! (laughs)

Keito Since both of us are denial, there’s no way we can decide, ne.

Inoo Yosh, let’s have someone decide for us. (grabs Chinen who happened to be walking by next to them) Chinen, between me and Keito, which one is the air-headed mysterious character?

Chinen Umm~~, well Inoo-chan is more of a random character rather than an air-headed character.

Inoo Stop messing around, kora! (laughs)

Chinen Okay, then how about Inoo-chan’s the mysterious one, and Keito’s the air-headed one.

Keito So that means….

Inoo It’s a tie?

Chinen Rather than a tie, if you want me to tell you, then it’s both the same thing. Later!

Keito Ah, he left…

Inoo It’s fine~, it’s fine~. Hai, the end~~.

Keito Waah~ so random (laughs).

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