[Translation] Yaotome Hikaru. Jr. times

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Hikaru, Jr. time interview. And again I don't know the magazine exactly. It must be 2003's Myojo, but which one, I wonder?

If you're trying to use your time wisely, it eventually becomes enjoyful.
Saving your time.
I seriousely think that there've risen the amount of people wasting time! It's like a house wife who's crunching sweets when she has to do the housework (laughs). After all people used to walk fastera long time ago... And even monkeys are faster.. Now we're slow! That's why I'm really trying to save time! Fpr example, when I'm heading to my work place, I get tension listening to the music. Because of it when I arrive at there I'll be able to work already. What's more, if I look through my schedule for the next day in the train, I make use of this fruitless time in there! Saving time like this, it becomes fun after all, right?
The times I spend without doing anything give me lots of power!
Once in a month I make it empty.
When i face difficulties, I always try to use one day to make my head empty. There should be nothing! I have to truly stop thinking about anything. It won't work out if I don't. I just spend time lazily in my room. It must be about 3 hours that I can spend like this, maybe? But I can do it only if I'm skipping school when I catch a cold, right? From having a slow rest, you certainly get a very special kind of energy... If the person can't make his head empty, he won't be able to get energy, right? When I started to do it, it seems that I just entered the first class of juniour high school. Even thogh I faced a lot of difficulties in junior high, I could cope with them. That's why I can guarantee the result with my experience.
To eat well, to smile well, to sleep well - that's the best!
The healthiest.
I always pay attention to the place where I eat my bento. In the bento, that is provided on the work place, the food falue isn't balanced. That's why I prefer buying a salad by myself and then eat it with everyone. And then we laugh together! During the filming of "Kinpachi" there aren't a lot of times when we can laugh, that's why when we have a break, I always spend that time talking with other people from "3B class" and having fun with them. Well, it seems that I'm originally the person who laughs the most. And then... According to the plan, it's sleeping! Because I have only one blanket it's important to wear my PJ. My futon is a bit too big and I get tired when I'm doing my bed. Now I wear fluffy pants made of fleece to sleep. With inventing various rules I make the condition of my body balanced.

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