Translation! DUET 2011 yuto and chinen

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Nakajima Yuto:
Speaking of Christmas, when I am young, I always thought “Let’s see how Santa looks like!”
And for that, I would say that I definitely won’t sleep but I don’t know why, on that day, I fell asleep extremely early. Not only that, it was really comfortable~ and sleepy. Is it only on the day Santa comes? “” I questioned myself. (laughs) When I am in elementary school, I got a letter from Santa. It was written in note form and in English so I got my mum to read. The contents are like “It is not a present you wanted for this year…” (laughs) Come to think of it, it’s my parent’s kindness. My parents really treasure the atmosphere of Christmas. They would bring me to a restaurant where there is live piano performance, and not crashing a child’s dream by telling me Santa does exist so that I will do my best. When I become a father myself, I am thinking of doing the same thing too.

My favourite present that made me happy was not my Christmas or birthday present, it was the electronic drums I got from my Mother, Father, Grandpa and Grandma when I am in Year 2 (secondary school)! I was very happy. Even that~ Very~ I can practise~! (<- Why did he stammered?). if there isn’t this electronic drum, I think I would probably be unable to be so good at it. Thankfully I was able to do it in the concerts. I am grateful. The present I put in a lot of efforts was the guitar I bought for my brother as a present. But my brother, he did play the guitar quite often initially but recently he haven’t been practising. So finally I got angry and told him “It’s not right like this!” (laughs)

Dear Fan, for this winter, I will be your hot water bag! Um, change “hot water bag” to “Yutoたんぽ” (湯たんぽ = ゆーとたんぽ, plus a とinside)… This winter, I will become your hot water bag, and give you warmth!

Chinen Yuri: 
Christmas is actually on the 25th right? But why is Christmas eve, 24th December more popular? It must be because on the 25th, the fun event will be ending. There will be a lonely feeling. My ideal Christmas is one person, get under the bed quilt and good night…. ZZZ. Eh, there is no dream? There is~! If I don’t sleep early, Santa won’t come right? <3 Well, for the real Christmas, I will be with Keito for sure. After I became a member of JUMP, my Christmas, definitely, Keito will be there. We’ll look at the beautiful illuminations that are lit from inside the car. When I see from the side, Keito… . Seriously, this year too, I will really mind him saying “It is you again~” (Laughs)

If I am to give present to all JUMP members, I would give vouchers… It’s not true, it’s not true (laughs). Then, I will give the things I can get! Takaki will be hand bag. I have never seen him with it. For Inoo and Morimoto would be knitted hat. I will knit it properly. I wonder if it will become something like an amulet? Yabu would be a very long muffler because his body is long (laughs). For Dai-chan would be Santa’s outfit. It looked perfect for him. For Yuto would be an interesting neck warmer. I think that Keito wouldn’t be cold because he has muscles, it will be proteins. Yaotome will be, a bag with fury fury things. For Yama-chan, I will give him my warmth… <3 The present I want would be new friends! (I WANT BE YOUR FRIEND)! I want to meet someone who is around the same age as me and is active in a different genre (doing different things from him). For example, pro-golfer 石川遠くん. The nervous feelings before the games against other world competitors, and other kind of interesting things, I would like to hear all of them.

Dear Fan
On the night of the eve, I wish everyone would sleep early! But even when its dark, take a look at the sky. Who knows, you might see a Santa that look like me, coming to your house to give you your present…?


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