Potato 12/10 - Takaki Yuya

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 If I sum up myself in a few words, it would be "a free person who's self-centered " (laughs)

Before I entered Johnny's, I wanted to become a nursery teacher. It all started when I thought "small children are cute" during the 6th grade of elementary school. Even now, I love kids. The more cheeky they are, the more I find them cute (laughs). This is a story for way back; When I visited a nursery in my hometown, I became one with the kindergartners and sang and danced with them. It was fun~. There were some kids that tried to get my snacks, and there were some who punched me. There were lots of different kids but all of them were really cute. I experienced being a dad.
Also, my dream job is to become an office worker. Some friends of mine are office workers, and when I see office workers wearing suits in trains, I'd think of them as "cool working men".
If I were to live another life, a hollywood start would be nice (laughs). I'd like to know who it feels like to be one.

If you weren't a part of Hey! Say! JUMP, how would you have spent the past three years?
Um, I can't imagine it...But, even if I were a part of JUMP or not, I think I would have done my best. Because, It was a thing I decided to do by myself. Recently, a person who I met for the first time said to me "JUMP is already on it's third year? I thought it was a group that was formed recently". Of course, I'm glad that the person knew about us, but we have to try our best and make our presence known to others, so I'm getting more into the spirit again.

Self introductions are hard, but if I were to go ahead and say it, I'm probably a "free person who's self-centered" (laughs). I'm clear with what I want to do and what I don't want to do. In my activities as a JUMP member, there's nothing I don't want to do, but when I'm with my friends, I'm always clear. I do things that I decide to do properly, though. My concentration powers are great during those times.

Recently, I've gotten my license for scuba diving. I passed the course and the practical test in one try. Even here, my concentration powers were shown (laughs). My teacher even praised me and said "In my experience of being an instructor, you're one of the best pupils". I'll take this as an opportunity to try different things. I might just become a license maniac (laughs).

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