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Q:When is the moment Yamada shines

When he is doing his own solo with all his might, and the swing was great! Very cool oh!  ^ ^  (Takaki)

Q: When is the moment Yuto shines

When he was playing the drums for Your Seed. I looked at him when I was at the keyboard, he was really wild! (Inoo)

Q: When is the moment Keito shines

Guitar. That kid is a guitarist! (Yabu)

Q: When is the moment Chinen Shines

Its still the performance in the air. Of course at the stage, before going to the "Sky performance" scene, he was below the metal stand, and was doing some muscles training before going. That kind of hard work shone.  (yaotome)

Q: When is the moment Morimoto Shines

During the dance for "真紅". At that time's Morimoto was really cool!! (Arioka)

1: Which part of the concert left the greatest impression on you?

Yamada: For SUMMARY 2010, standing together on stage as HSJ and as the main performers of the Summary.

Nakajima: My birthday. At that time (the surprise on the stage) really surprised me. It seems that they have planned it a week ago, the cake was delicious. Thank you everyone!

Keito: The faces of the audiences on the first day and reactions. I was really happy that they enjoyed themselves. 

Chinen: After the song "Dreamer", the no. of winks I got from Takaki. I got 56 winks from him.

Morimoto: The first day and the final day.I was rather nervous on those days. The 3D video didn't work on the first made me very nervous.

2: What is your greatest worry?

Yamada: Everyday, I was nervous and worried for the balancing.

Nakajima: The first day. Its still the first day which is the most nervous day. Alot of worrying things happened, things that we didn't predict in the rehearsals also happened. But truthfully, after that day, I was nervous every single day. 

Keito: On the final day of performance, I was very nervous when all of the members entered the water.

Chinen: I was nervous on the first day's Sky performance. The previous rehearsal, I didn't manage to match with the music, and  when i just started to get the hang of it, it was close to the real performance.

Morimoto: I am nervous in every performance! Because I always put in all my effort.

3: Any unexpected things happened? 

Yamada: The height for flying! The height and the height!! (laughs)

Nakajima: When I trip. When the stage is being raise, I was embarrassed when I trip. There is performance with water in Summary, hence there is the risk of slipping on the stage.

Keito: When i entered the water, the only thing i thought of was that it was really cold and I didn't expected it.

Chinen: When im back to the stand, I'm suppose to turn half way around, I forget to not change my hand when turning and I fell.

Morimoto: I was able to talk with Yabu for the first time and also went out with him. (laughs)

4. What are the things that are hard for you?

Yamada: None... AH! When I have to go to some high above ground! (laughs)

Nakajima: Changing. Inititally, there was alot of changes, I was told somethings like "something better, something better".

Keito: Nothing much. But maybe its the earliness of the morning.

Chinen: I thought of doing the countdown, I looked at the scheldue of the Summary, and realise there is still 40 more. It was the first time I had this long period of job. 

Morimoto: It still... balancing on the wires (laughs) Its not hard? They seem to have enjoyed it. (Morimot-san didn't do the balancing)

5. Something you're happy about

Yamada: All 10 members of Hey!Say!JUMP ended the performance without much huge injuries

Nakajima: Repeater. At JCB hall, we were very close to the fans, thus we could see all the fans face, I was really happy when something like "Ah, this person came again", happening over and over again. (OMG, i want to visit every single concert so they can notice me XD)  

Keito: The time when the performance ended, the accomplishment.

Chinen: Among the 56 sky performance, I didn't even fail one. The support the fans gave me allowed me to end it without fail. Thank you.

Morimoto: The smile of all the fans. It always made me happy.

6. Something that came to you, something that moved you

Yamada: When I saw the tears and smiles of the fans, I feel very happy, so that came to me.

Nakajima: The tears of HSJ members. After we sang "Thank you ~僕たちから君へ~", and because everyone could be seen from the center, I could see the faces of the members. After that, everyone cried. Especially Dai-chan (laughs). 

Keito: First day's "Thank you ~僕たちから君へ~". I was moved, when curtains of Summary closed, thinking of it my tears flowed. 

Chinen: On the first day, after we sang "Thank you ~僕たちから君へ~", I was moved and my tears flowed when I saw the members face. Even though it was the first day, I was glad that the first performance ended safely. 

Morimoto: The final performance. I thought of all the things we did till that day.

7: Happening or Members' surprising actions, the reactions of the fans that surprised you, the thing that was interesting

Yamada: There isn't any happening on the first day! The 3D video could not be played!

Nakajima: My forehead. My forehead~ During the encore, Keito gave me a very strong head banging.   (OMG. I BROKE OUT LAUGHING!!)

Keito: When the guests were watching, the number of people who continued to put on the 3D spectacles even though the video had ended was funny.

Chinen: SUMMARY's flying part, Inoo-chan who was directly in front of me, that Inoo-chan pointed out his chin and it made me laugh. 

Morimoto: 10 Aug's performance, we had celebrated Yuto's birthday on stage. The greatest impression was Yuto's crying face.

8: From the first day, till the last day of performance, what is the something of you that was changed, something that you grown to become?

Yamada: Cherising the moments on the stage

Nakajima: .... don't know. During summary, I think everyone will grow naturally, and change. Probably, I think that whether will we be able to show off all our talents in the other LIVE like how we did in SUMMARY.

Keito: My shyness infront of the guests. On the first day, I have a weird nervousness in me, but after that, I was used to it. The need to cherish the memories from that stage. Cannot don't do better, the stage is something to be precious, I thought of that. 

Chinen: During the Sky performance, my nervousness was gone.

Morimoto: I've grown with alot of meanings. Both the height and myself. 

9: Please tell me your feelings after the 56 performances have ended

Yamada: I don't want it to end la~~~

Nakajima: WOW---! "It ended なぁ~", kind of happy, and also "finally can relax" kind of feeling, and able to chill, and the feeling of the highest accomplisment. Among all those emotions, there is also the feeling of abit of loneliness.

Keito: The thanks I have for the guests. It was all the guests that allowed us to have 56 performances, hence Im really grateful.

Chinen: I thought of "Ahh, School is going to begin~~~"  Parting with the pro that came from Mexico was so sad because we have been performing together for so long.

Morimoto: It was tough! un~ but I had fun.

10: What is your source of energy this summer?

Yamada: All the laughings that went into my ears!

♥ (laughs)

Nakajima: Food and music. The meal was always catered food, it was really delicious. My favourite was Chilli Prawn. For music, its really "NO MUSIC NO LIFE" kind of situation.

Keito: Sweet food. And the HAPPY faces of the guests.

Chinen: Charging my energy on the break on Friday!

Morimoto: Food. Especially Catered food.

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