What I call the other members :D

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*Dii: Manang, Ate Dii, Dii, Dayang
*Aaa: Argenn, Ageen, Gon, Genn, Gonia, Manang Gon
*Chivy: Aibe, Aibeng, Beng
*Gui: Guilatoii, Gui, Bibi, Doggie :D (peace gui! XD)
*Mhie: Te Mii
*Jhie: Ate Jill, Atsi (Chinese for Big Sis, i dunno if it's the correct spelling)
*Jin: Labz, Mel :D
*Rina: Bata, Czar, Rina
*Pré: Pré
*Ro: Rose, Rosang, RoAn, Ro

--Chime :]