Shin Dong-ho of U-Kiss

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Hi everyone! Sorry for posting a non hsj post but I really want to post a picture of Shin Dong-ho of U-Kiss.
He is not my crush or anything, I just think he's funny, actually, he is funny. If you want to see it for yourself, please go to youtube and type U-Kiss' Vampire, there you will be able to see what they really are in personal.

So here's Shin Dong-ho, the maknae of the group!

He's more cute when he's wearing his pajamas, too bad I can't find a picture of him wearing them

According to my bro, he somehow looks like Adrian Karl Maquilan, Ö

Don't get carried away by this picture because this is the opposite of him. Watch U-Kiss' Vampire to find it out for yourself :D

Shin Dong-ho, the youngest member of U-Kiss and for me, the funniest.
Hope you guys don't mind :]