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Oh! As usual, another syndrome member receives an award for the HCIQ Contest and it's no other than Pré-chan! She's the first placer and will receive a gold medal. She just won the INTER BRANCH Part of HCIQ...

Classroom Elimination: During our classroom elimination for the HCIQ, 4 Syndrome members got into the top 10 qualifiers for the Inter school  elimination and they were Dii-chan, Gui-chan, Ro-chan and Pré-chan

School Elimination: During the elimination of 10 3rd year students, only the top 3 are qualified to join the inter branch and one of those three students was Pré-chan, a fellow Syndrome member. She was ranked Top 2 in the inter school while Gui-chan was the 4th placer, Dii-chan was th 5th placer and Ro-chan was the 6th placer.

Inter Branch Competition: Today, the highschool level  had their HCIQ Contest at Holy Child Jacinto Campus, (the main branch) and with God's help, Pré won the contest! She's now the 1st placer of the HCIQ Contest, Congrats Pré-chan!

We are so proud of our members because of how talented they are and how smart they are. In our school, for me, the Batch 10-11 is the greatest batch because there are so many talented students that belongs to this batch like our own syndrome members. This batch also help each other and we are a very strong batch. 

All of us Syndrome have our own specialty, like how Dii is good with her studies. Pré is also good with her studies and she is a talented musician who has a great voice. Aaa is a good in photography, Chivy is a very pretty girl who is also smart and is a helpful person; she is also very good in making quotes that are inspiring and is good in making stories. Mie is the sporty one who is really great at sports. Jhie-chan is a violinist and she's also doing good with her studies. Jin-chan is great at dancing and she's a very active person.Ro-chan is the mathematician who is great at math as well as the other subjects. Rina-chan is the artist of the group, she's a great artist and has a creative mind. Gui-chan is a good hairstylist who loves to style a person's hair, in fact, she's the one who's always fixing my hair :], as for me, on the other hand, I still don't know what my specialty is but they say that I am good at fashion designing (since it's my dream to become a fashion designer) and I am also good at teasing people especially the "You know what" :]

A person has his own specialty, if he wants to know what it is, he should dig in more to find it :]