New Look

7:25 AM Chime Oraiz 0 Comments

So Dianne was looking through our blog this morning and she asked me about this ONO Club which I don't really remember what it was about. She gave me a link to a 'dramatic' post that I've made here before (I can't believe I posted that, ugh so embarrassing) and the first thing that I did wasn't read the post but actually, look at the blog itself.

I can't believe I actually made that layout like years ago, ugh, it made me cringe at how terrible I was.

I decided to change the whole look of the blog, I gave it a more minimalist look.

I'm happy with the results but I still have to edit out the members page. I don't want to see traces of my previous works, I swear it makes me cringe thinking that I made them before. Ugh.

Anyway, hope you like the new look of our blog. We may not be that active anymore but we'll do our best to update here.

'till the next post.