Hey Say JUMP 2012 Dramas

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source: http://hidarime-tantei.tumblr.com/post/13260126906/yamadas-new-drama-risou-no-musuko-ideal-son

Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke (18) and Suzuki Kyoka (43) will play mother and son together as the leads in a Nihon Terebi drama starting in January “Risou no musuko” [Ideal son] (Saturday 9pm timeslot). The original script is by Nojima Shinji. A honest high schooler who loves his mom more than meal 3 times a day and motherly love lacking single mother who wants him to grow up to a splendid adult to buy her a house, it’s a story about growth into adulthood with a comedic touch.
Yamada commented: “She is very beautiful so I feel a bit nervous for her to act as my mother” (smile). Kyoka commented about Yamada: He speaks very well and has the feeling of a beautiful heart, he really is exactly the “Ideal son”.
Besides the relationship with mother and son, the drama will also take place in school. Kis-my-ft2’s Fujigaya Taisuke will play Yamada’s senpai and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Nakajima Yuto will play his classmate.


source: http://www.tokyohive.com/2011/11/hey-say-jumps-arioka-daiki-to-play-oishi-chikara-in-chushingura/

It’s been announced that Hey! Say! JUMP member, Arioka Daiki (20) will be joining the cast of TV Tokyo/Osaka’s new spring wide Jidaigeki (historical drama) “Chushingura~Sono Gi Sono Ai~” which will air on January 2nd. Arioka’s role will be “Oishi Chikara” who is a well-known popular character, the eldest son of Oishi Kuranosuke, and the youngest member of the Forty-seven Ronin.
Up until now, 6 seniors from Johnny & Associates, Inc. have played the role of “Oishi Chikara” (Uekusa Katsuhide of Shonentai, Matsuoka Masahiro of TOKIO, Domoto Tsuyoshi of KinKi Kids, Yokoyama Yu of Kanjani8, Okada Junichi of V6, and Akanishi Jin), thus, Arioka will soon be added to this prominent list. Though Arioka has preivously appeared in a historical drama series as a child actor back in 2001, this will be his first time to make an appearance with an important role in Jidaigeki.
This will be a 7-hour long historical drama about “Chushingura” which is one of the most famous stories in Japan, and it will star “Horibe Yasubei” (will be played by Uchino Masaaki), one of the members of the Forty-seven Ronin. The father of Oishi Chikara, Oishi Kuranosuke will be played by Tachi Hiroshi (61), and the mother, Oishi Riku will be played by Manda Hisako (53).
Arioka commented, “I’m very nervous since I am not familiar with Jidaigeki, but both Tachi-san and Manda-san are kind to me, so it’s a comfortable atmposhere when acting.” He continued, “The ‘Oishi Chikara’ I will be playing is the role that many of my seniors have played. It’s not that ‘I can’t lose to them’, but I would like to play the role putting my individuality in the role.

I heard Chinen will also star in a drama next year with Yamapi. I will still look for information regarding that.
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