Come Back Ryutaro Morimoto! :))

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GUYS! Unfortunately, I have just found out that Ryutaro's status in JUMP is in REAL danger. In a MORE SERIOUS danger than we only knew and if we want him back, there's only ONE WAY to make him STAY and FIGHT with the rest of the members and he's asking for our help too. RYUTARO WANTS US TO CONVINCE HIM TO COME BACK!

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT POST HERE SO FAR. Ryutaro is on the verge of giving up and leaving. If you don't want that to happen, please don't just sit back. Let's do something.

☞ Video Message Project
♤ 15-20 seconds long ONLY.
♤ Showing your LOVE and SUPPORT for Ryutaro.
♤ Mention your Name, Country and Message on the video.
♤ Please be as cheerful as you can since our goal is to cheer him up!

☞ FanArts Compilation Project
♤ Any photo that YOU made. It can be a Photoshop-ed picture or your hand-made art.
♤ It can be Hey!Say!JUMP, but the focus should be Ryutaro.
♤ Size of 960 x 540 as much as possible
♤ Show your Name, Country and Message (if you have) on your fanart. Of course, don't forget to put credits on your art!

☞ Fan Messages Project
♤ This is how the format of the message:
Dear Ryutaro,
(message here)
Dear Hey!Say!JUMP,
(message here)
Love, FB Name.
♤ Post your messages as a comment here and I will take care of compiling them.

☞ Fan Photos Project
♤ Your photo has to show YOU holding a fan sign.
♤ The point is "WRITTEN MESSAGE" ~ as in hand written. Please show a bit of effort ne?
♤ Fansign should show messages of LOVE and SUPPORT for Ryutaro.
♤ If you don't want to show yourself, you can show only half of your face or a part of your face.
♤ Don't forget to SMILE! It's the best weapon to cheering up a person.
♤ Post HERE at the WALL of the Empire.
♤ Mention your Name and Country as you post your photo.

☞ Fan Voices Project
♤ The songs have been decided before. Please record (video) yourself singing David Archuleta's Somebody Out There and/or NYC's version of Yuuki%.
♤ NO MUSIC BACKGROUND. Use a headset to listen to the songs while you sing, but it's important that there will be NO MUSIC on the background to make it easier to edit.

.::. STATEMENTS .::.
♤ For those that don't want to sing, record yourself with simple statements such as "Gambare, Ryuu!" or "Matte tte, Ryuu!"
♤ Maximum of 10 seconds.

// with your FB name and country \\
( If you can't attach your files, you can upload them to Mediafire or Megaupload. Make sure they are password protected so that nobody else can download your files. Send us the link with the password.)

DEADLINE: End of October.

// OPTIONAL: You can choose one project to do if you can't do everything. \\
JOIN THIS GROUP: Empire Gakuen

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  1. why did I only hear about this project now :( and where did you hear about him wanting to give up and want fans to convince him to stay ??

    Hey Say JUMP is not the same without him ><