Hey! Say! 7 Ultra Power 11.02.02

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Hey! Say! 7 Ultra Power 11.02.02


Y&R: Hey! Say! 7 Ultra Power!

Y: Konbannu~! This is Hey! Say! 7’s Nakajima Yuto.

R: Konbanwa! This is Hey! Say! 7’s Morimoto Ryutaro.

Y: Hai. Iya…

R: Iya…

Y: How’s it been? How’ve you been lately?

R: Rather than that, right here, it says that the postal code for post cards are 7 digits long.

Y: Ah, really?

R: This was since 13 years ago from today. Before that, it seems that it was 3 digits or 5 digits. Well, Yuto-kun, you probably write New Year’s cards, but do you write regular post cards?

Y: Probably not really.

R: When you say post card, we have the image of New Year’s cards, ne.

Y: That’s the only image we have ne. Also, if you talk about my hobby, we can print photos from our camera right? When I print it out, rather than a large size, I print it out in a postcard size. Like when I give it to a friend or something, I don’t think they would want a big one, so I give them a postcard sized one.

R: Oh~~. That’s nice, ne.

Y: But then I don’t really write postcards ne.

R: Even if you say postcard, we can’t really imagine it.

Y: We only have the image of New Year’s cards ne.

R: That’s true ne.

Y: That’s why, the only time we really see it is during this radio program.

R: That’s right, thank you so much, all the time.

Y: I don’t really know about the stamp.

R: Yeah, I don’t know either.

Y: Like, I don’t know where exactly to put it.

R: That’s true ne. One of these days, it would be good to send one.

Y: (laughs) What’s up with your way of wrapping it up just now? “It’s good to just send one.”

R: Well, I mean, up until now, I’ve never sent a postcard other than New Year’s cards. That’s why I want to try to send one.

Y: That’s true na. Let’s become cool adults who are able to send postcards at anytime.

R: Yeah, I’m thinking of sending one to this radio program. (lol, Ryu, send a super funny line for Yuto for Hey! Say! Words xD)

Y: Ah, that might be good ne. With a radio name and everything.

R: Yeah, I guess I’ll try to send one.

Y: Try sending it, it sounds interesting.

R: I’m really going to send one.

Y: Okay, send it. Well, shall we start?

R: Let’s start.

Y: Hey! Say! 7

Y&R: Ultra Power!

Y: Wednesdays are key word talk.

R: Hai. I hope there will be keywords that will get us hyped up!

Hey! Say! Talking

R: Hey! Say! Talking!

Y: Yay! This key—ah, not this keyword—this corner is where we receive keywords from everyone and talk according to the theme. Today, a lot of keywords have arrived, but *to Ryutaro* you can’t look inside. You’re not allowed to look!

R: Eh?

Y: You’re tongue’s sticking out. You can’t look inside.

R: Ah, sumimasen.

Y: Look at me.

R: Let’s draw one right away.

Y: Let’s draw one right away—don’t even peek at it.

R: Then here we go~~!

Y: Hai.

R: From radio name Rina-san.

Y: Hai.

R: The keyword I want the two in 7 to talk about is: lucky charms

Y: Oh.

R: Last year, when I was an exam student, I received many lucky charms from my relatives and was able to pass. Do the two in 7 also carry lucky charms? Do you carry one?

Y: A lucky charm? My mom puts one in my wallet.

R: Oh~

Y: For example, we would go to our hatsumode (T/N: the first temple…or was a shrine…well when they visit one of those during New Years.) We draw an omikuji (T/N: a written oracle, so basically it tells your fortune), and then buy some lucky charms, and she would put it in. I don’t really have too much interest in lucky charms though. But then my mom puts it in for me, so her feelings of wanting me to be okay in everything reaches me.

R: I have some at home.

Y: I have one at home too.

R: I have this one lucky charm at home….like…well, how should I say it ne…

Y: Well, it’s getting pretty popular these days ne. Like, one called pokupon, and it’s made of ginko. (>.< not really sure about this here) Like, it’s all wrapped around, and the head is really big, like a doll.

R: What is that?

*sorry I didn’t understand the rest of their talk about this “pokupon” lucky charm*

R: Well, Yuto-kun, go ahead and pick one.

Y: Hai. This is from Saitama-ken, Yuipi-san. To the two in 7, Konbannu. I am a first year middle school student who loves Ryosuke-kun. The keyword for this time is: muscle training It says “muscle training.”

R: Muscle training?

Y: Yeah.

R: Do you do that?

Y: Muscle training, I don’t do it. That’s why my chest is really thin. But then, even if I don’t do muscle training, I get muscles in my arms. My arms and legs. (Yuto does indeed have some pretty nice arms lol xD) So I thought that I should probably build on my chest muscles too.

R: Hai.

Y: So I thought about doing push-up exercises, but I don’t like the fullness [of the arms] after you do push-ups.

R: Ah…

Y: I mean, I don’t want to get any weird muscles in my arms, so I don’t want to build muscles by doing push-ups.

R: Well, Yuto-kun, you should start by eating meat ne.

Y: I do eat it! I’m eating it.

R: Well for yakiniku, about how much do you go for?

Y: Well I go with my family, so about four slices.

R: Eh~~! That’s not good, you have to eat more!

Y: Ryutaro how much do you go for the hormone ones?

R: I eat four portions.

Y: Eh, four portions and you eat all of it!?

R: Yup, I eat four portions, and two yukke (a Korean dish)

Y: Ah, yukke! Ano ne, probably for me, when I go to yakiniku, I always just eat the appetizers.

R: Ah~~

Y: Like chanja, or pickled radishes.

R: What about basashi.

Y: And basashi. If there’s basashi, I eat basashi.

R: That’s why! That’s why you’re so thin.

Y: Also, things like fresh beef sashimi.

R: Hmm, well if you go for yakiniku, it should be the meat. Well, that’s how it is.

Y: It was fast ne, for yakiniku.

R: (laughs)

Y: Though yakiniku wasn’t the theme. It was muscle training. Well, we will continue to wait for more keywords to come. The end! This was Hey! Say! Talking.

R: Hai. Well, here we have a song for you. Hey! Say! JUMP

Y&R: Infinity


R: In just the blink of an eye, it’s time to part.

Y: Hai. We will be waiting for your messages.

R: The address is postal code 105-8002 Bunka Housou Hey! Say! 7 Ultra Power. The email is jump@joqr.net, jump@joqr.net.

Y: Hai. When sending in your messages to Hey! Say! Talking corner, please don’t forget to put down Hey! Say! Talking, and your pen name. This was Hey! Say! 7’s Nakajima Yuto and…

R: Morimoto Ryutaro!

Y: Ja ne!

R: See you tomorrow!

credits to: [info]arisu_chan25