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Hey guys, Chime here and I just want to apologize because we haven't posted a lot lately since we were so busy with our studies. By the way, congrats to each and every one of the Syndrome members here for getting high grades and also congrats to those who are top-notchers namely, Dii (2nd in the room and in overall), Pré (1st in their room and 4th in overall), Chivy (6th in the room and 10 in the overall), and Chime (8th in the room, 13th in the overall) I don't know with the other members in the other section but again guys, CONGRATS !! LET'S CONTINUE TO DO OUR BEST AND AIM FOR MORE !!

Again, we are so sorry for not posting much herein our blog but don't worry, we'll find time to post so... yea, this will end here ~ ^^