[Translation] Sep Wink Up Yabu's part

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Wanted Home Appliance NO.1: An air conditioner for my room! (My air conditioner) is old and I can’t adjust the wind direction.
Favorite drama of a senpai or kouhai NO.1: The drama called “PU.PU.PU” that was released with Kamisen (Coming Century of V6). The theme song is V6’s “over”, I really like that song too.
Things bought in a convenience store NO.1: Black tea in paper packs.
Thing that goes with white rice NO.1: Enokidake mushroom
Place to live in the future NO.1:  I have the thought of living by myself, but I haven’t got out of where I live. ( <--the local places)
Ramen genre NO.1: Plenty of tonkotsu (pork bone broth) and garlic.
Sport wanted to challenge NO.1: Sepak Takraw (more info of the sport in here)
Pain experience NO.1: The time when I played the swing standing up and I fell. I cried, I cried (lol he repeated it twice >_<)
Girl behavior NO.1: Behaviors like yawning, that kind of defenseless expression.
Wanted-to-learn instrument NO.1: Violin. The posture (when playing a violin) looks pretty good.
Special privilege of girls NO.1: The special cars for females! I don’t want to have that kind of special cars for females na. (lol he means the existence of that kind of car)
Friends besides JUMP NO.1: Ninomiya-kun.
Meat cuisine NO.1: Grilled minced chicken.
Favorite JUMP single NO.1: Your Seed. Because it feels good when I dance it.
Johnny’s song NO.1: SMAP’s “Sotto Kyutto”, when I was lacking sleep while shooting drama, I think of this song, and I can fall asleep naturally \fast.
Gag NO.1: “じゅんっ、ジュワ~!” (“Jun, juwa~”, sorry I have no idea what this gag means >_<) It’s very effective to use this when there is a weird pause while talking to a friend.
Member that has a sense of humor NO.1: Inoo.
Person to talk to when in worry NO.1: I haven’t done this before, if it comes to that, I’ll talk to people who consulted me in the past.
Menu besides meat from Yakinikuya-san (yakiniku house) NO.1: Raw sliced beef. (It’s still meat xDDD)
Japanese confectionary NO.1: Dorayaki (the thing that doraemon eats a lot)
Wanted-to-go oversea places: Milan, Italy.
Member who like new things NO.1: Every member. I am the slowest type of person.
Wanted-to-ride-on things NO.1: F1 car. When I see it on TV my tension goes up.
Cooking wanted to be made by girlfriend NO.1: Carbonara.
Sushi content/material NO.1: Red sea bream.
Desired part-time job NO.1: A lively Japanese food restaurant that gathers with families. Welcoming customers loudly and lively seems fun.
Miso soup ingredient NO.1: Clam
Settle location NO.1: Local places where I play with my friends.
Weakness NO.1: My stomach. When something happens, it immediately comes to my mind.
Things I care at this moment NO.1: The future of player Honda (Keisuke) who was active during World Cup. Personally, I would want him to be active in Europe.
Things to see in SUMMARY NO.1: For personal highlight, the part where I get soaked, please pay attention to that. Also, the fact that the little me who got kidnapped by the dragon in the past SUMMARY, have grew up.

credits: [info]yukinaq